Training and Evaluation

Training tips - These tips, advice and occasional anecdotes are guaranteed to educated and entertain. Brought to you by the SCL fosters and trainers.

Mentoring - We like to be sure our fosters and adopters have all the resources they need to help with their dog. Whether your a skijorer, recreational musher or hoping to win some races, there's a mentor out there to help you on your way.

The Top Ten Things You Should Know Before Adopting a Sled Dog

8. Conformity helps performance.
For a smooth running team, it helps to have similarly skilled dogs. One fast dog in a slow team can get frustrated, and one slow dog in a fast team can get hurt. The 30 pound dog will likely have a different speed and agility than the 100 pound dog. The bigger the team, the more important it is to match your dogs well.

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