Training and Evaluation

Training tips - These tips, advice and occasional anecdotes are guaranteed to educated and entertain. Brought to you by the SCL fosters and trainers.

Mentoring - We like to be sure our fosters and adopters have all the resources they need to help with their dog. Whether your a skijorer, recreational musher or hoping to win some races, there's a mentor out there to help you on your way.

The Top Ten Things You Should Know Before Adopting a Sled Dog

10. Just like people, every sled dog is different.
Many breeds have been selectively bred to the point where they all look similar. But the sled dog is not a formally recognized breed and is known specifically for it's hybrid vigor. Mushers have crossed all sorts of other breeds into their sled dog lines, including: sporting dogs (pointers, setters, labs), hounds (saluki, greyhound, coonhound) and others.

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