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Help Fairy DogMother Save More Pets

Fairy Dogmother Rescue & Rehab, Inc., is a non-profit small dog rescue dedicated to making good things happen for small dogs in need. Please help support our rescue efforts by donating.

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You can learn more about FDM by watching the Fairy Dogmother video on the left. Thanks to who produced the video for their Hidden Treasures segment.

Fairy Dogmother's dogs mostly come from kill shelters on their last day. However, as space and resources (adoption fees & donations) allow, FDM also takes in small strays that are homeless, hungry, sometimes injured or sick, small dogs surrendered by their owners, small dogs whose owners have died and small special needs dogs. All brought to Fairy Dogmother by good samaritans unwilling to risk almost certain euthanasia by taking them to a local shelter. Fairy Dogmother also offers a shelter alternative for small dogs whose owners can no longer keep them.

Most people don't know that dogs turned over to county/city shelters by their owners are not required to be held for 7 days. If there is no room at the shelter, if they are pregnant or a little bit nippy, they can be put down immediately, with no chance of adoption. Strays are held for 7 days, but have a less than 10% chance of being adopted before they are put down.

ALL Fairy Dogmother dogs are adopted into loving homes, no matter how long it takes. Fairy Dogmother makes every effort to match the right dog with the right person or family. FDM dogs are adopted into approved homes only, with an adoption contract that clearly states that if the adoption does not work out, the dog comes back to FDM to be adopted into another loving home.

Many dogs passing through the Fairy Dogmother adoption program learn what it is to be loved for the first time in their lives. Some are suffering from post traumatic stress from whatever they've been through before becoming FDM dogs and are very timid and afraid of doing something wrong. They don't know how to play or be held or petted and loved. Part of their healing process is being held and comforted like babies.

I believe the other dogs here tell the newbies they have nothing to fear. The transition can be seen and felt as they blossom and relax with the realization they are not going to be harmed and life can be good. They've turned the corner when they start playing with the other dogs, frisking around and being HAPPY!

P.S. Hi, Fairy Dogmother here :) I have some happy news about a great new book for animal and mystery lovers! The author is an awesome rescue person and friend of mine. Best of all---I personally know and love the critter cast and crew of The Nose Knows: A Spunky Mystery---all of whom were rescued by author, Holly L. Lewitas. Available in paperback and all e-books — Amazon,Barnes & Noble.

Fairy Dogmother Rescue & Rehab, Inc.
Baileyton, Alabama
Please contact me via EMAIL and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thank You!
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Help Fairy DogMother Save More Pets