Our Adoption Process

The Adoption Process

Please read this before calling, emailing or submitting an application.

We are an all volunteer organization. We have many animals in our care, have families and full time jobs just as most of you do. We return calls and emails and process applications as quickly as we possibly can. We appreciate your understanding and patience. If you aren't willing to go through our process which normally takes about 3 weeks, please consider the many needy German Shepherd dogs in humane societies and shelters across Alabama. Their process to adopt is usually an instantaneous one. GSRCA procedures are in place to facilitate placing the right dog in the right situation. This provides a win-win situation for both you and the dog. With these facts in mind, this is the order of our application process.

1. Submit $25 Application Fee via Paypal - gsrcadonations@aol.com

2. Application~ Normally, we receive the online application the day it is filled out. If you are unable to complete the application online, we will mail you a paper application. Just call or email us with your address. Please allow several additional days for processing if you mail one in. *The average time for you to receive acknowledgement of your application is 5 working days.

3. Reference Checks~ After reviewing your application we will check your vet and personal references. Please notify those you have listed on the application to expect a call or email from us. If we have a question regarding your vet reference, we will contact you.

4. Home Visit~ Provided your application and reference checks are satisfactory, the next step is visiting your home for an in-home assessment. One of our volunteers, or someone from another rescue will do this. We will let you know, in advance who to be expecting a call or email from. *We do NOT bring the dog you are interested in on the home visit.

5. Decision~ Based on all the information gathered during the screening process, GSRCA will make a decision on whether or not to approve your application. It is not uncommon to approve an application with certain contingencies. However, if we decide not to approve you, you will be notified as well. We will also identify which dogs we believe will be best suited for your situation and ask that you meet these dogs, in addition to the one you prefer. We expect you to trust our judgment and experience in the selection process.

6. Meeting the dogs~ We show our dogs and complete adoptions from our Montgomery foster home by appointment only. We do not deliver or transport our dogs to you.

7. Adoption Contract~ Adopters must sign a legally binding adoption contract with GSRCA and submit the specified adoption fee. Adopters must remember that a newly adopted dog requires an adjustment period and they must be willing to give them at least 2 weeks to begin to adjust. GSRCA will be available to adopters for any assistance needed at any time for the duration of the adoption.