Thank you for your interest in a rescued German Shepherd dog. All of our dogs are deserving of wonderful, loving "forever" homes. Many of our babies are rescued from shelters just before their last day of life. So, please know by adopting from GSRCA, you have saved a life and made room for us to rescue another abandoned or abused dog.

Before submitting you application, please read the following for details on our adoption process.

Adoption Process

The adoption process is not instantaneous. It depends on the specific dog you're interested in, how quickly we can check your references and arrange your home visit . Completing the adoption application is a pre-requisite to adopting a rescued German Shepherd dog through GSRCA. All applicants are screened and approved based on the needs of our dogs. We place them in the best home for their needs and personality. Our dogs have been through a lot to get where they are. It is our goal to place a dog once!

Basic Guidelines that must be met before submitting an application:

  • The person submitting the application must be the person who is actually adopting the dog and the applicant must be 18 years or older.
  • The applicant must be willing to undergo reference checks and a visit to the home where the dog will reside.
  • All current pets must be spayed/neutered and up to date on shots. All dogs must be on heartworm preventative.
  • A vet reference is required on all previous and current pets.
  • A fenced yard is required; however exceptions are occassionally made. It depends on the dogs needs. INVISIBLE FENCING IS NOT ACCEPTED AS A METHOD OF CONTAINMENT. German Shepherd dogs are happiest when treated as members of the family. They thrive on interaction with their people. Anyone that plans to leave their dog out 24/7 will not be approved.
  • Very important!!- Please add to your address book so our emails to you do not go into your spam folder. We send an acknowledgement to every applicant. If you have not received that acknowledgement check your spam folder.

The application process includes:

  • Submit the $25 Application Fee. Your application cannot be processed until GSRCA receives the application fee. The address for paypal donations is
  • Submit a COMPLETE Application. Incomplete applications can not be processed!
  • Applicants will receive an email acknowledgement within 5 business days of submitting an application.
  • Reference checks.
  • A home visit by one of our rescue representatives...THIS IS A MUST!
  • If approved, an appointment is then made for the applicant to view the dog(s) in Montgomery, AL.
  • Agree to and sign the Adoption Contract.
  • Submit the Adoption Fee. The adoption fee is $385. At the time of adoption, the application fee of $25 will be deducted from the $385 fee. *This money pays for the dog's medical care, food and other upkeep costs.
  • Travel Arrangements to view dogs and/or to pick up adopted dogs are the responsibility of the adopter.

*Not every application we receive is approved. If you're not approved for the specific dog you applied for, please understand that it means we feel another home was more suitable. Your application goes on file. When a suitable dog for your situation is available, we will contact you.

** In the rare instance that two or more approved applicants are interested in adopting the same dog GSRCA shows the dog to the applicant who submitted their application first.

If you falsify any information or neglect to inform us of any information that is pertinent in processing your application, your application will not be approved. If falsification is discovered after adoption, our dog will be removed from your possession immediately.


I am applying to:  Adopt    Foster    Help with rescue

Please fill out this form completely, leaving no blank areas. If the area does not apply, please type in N/A.
Incomplete applications cannot be processed.

Personal Information:

First & Last Name:    Street Address: 
Home Phone Number:    Other Phone Number: 
E-Mail Address: 
What is your preferred method of communication? Phone   E-mail

PLEASE be sure to check your email routinely during this adoption process. Email is our primary means of communication due to long distance phone costs. If you have not received confirmation that your application was reviewed in five (5) business days after submitting your application, please contact us at or check your spam folder.

Marital Status:     Spouse's Name:    
Is your spouse also interested and aware of this adoption?   Yes     No
Your Occupation:    Your Spouse's Occupation: 
Number of persons in household:     
What are the ages of the adults?     What are the ages of the children?  

Current residence:  Rent    Own     If renting, what is the name and phone number of the Landlord? 
What type of environment?  Country    City    Suburban
Do you have any city or neighborhood restrictions of pet ownership? If so, please explain  

Do you have a fence?   Yes   No
If yes, what type?    Chain link     Wood Privacy     Invisible     Other
Fence Height: 4 foot     5 foot     6 foot    Other

Comments - Please DESCRIBE your fence in this area


The purpose of checking references is to insure applicants will provide a responsible, loving home for a GSRCA dog based on the animal care they have provided to current and past pets. The gathering of this information is not meant to be intrusive, nor will ever be shared with another party without the applicants consent.

A vet reference and 3 personal references NOT related to the applicant are required. The only exception for not having a vet reference is the applicant that is a first time pet owner and/or has never used a vet before. Applicants that can not give a vet reference, must list four personal references, rather than three. GSRCA is looking for a 2 year or longer pet history with a vet, so if you need to list multiple vets, please do so in that section. *Applicants, please notify your vet that an application has been submitted and give permission for the vet to release general information about your pet care history to a GSRCA representative. If vet records are listed in another name than the applicant, please make note of that in the comment section.

Personal references should be friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc...NOT family members. GSRCA needs references that can be reached easily. If it's easiest to contact your personal reference by email, please give us the email address rather than the phone number. Please let your personal references know a representative of GSRCA will be contacting them!

Comments and Additional Vet References

List any Humane Societies, Organizations, Breed or Training Clubs you are associated with:  

Dog Preferences:

Why are you considering a rescued German Shepherd dog?

Which dog(s)are you interested in adopting and Why?  
If that specific dog is not available, what are your preferences?   Age Range: 
Sex Preference: Male   Female   No Preference

List characteristics of your ideal pet. 

How many other dogs have you applied for?   When and with what groups?  
What is the status of that application?  

Care & Responsibility:

Who will be responsible for the day to day care of the dog? 
Will pet ever be left alone? Yes   No   If yes, how long (hrs/day)?
Where will the pet spend the day?   Where will your pet sleep? 
How will you handle any behavioral problems?  
Do you plan to obedience train? If yes, please explain 
How will you care for your pet while you travel? 
Please tell us about any other care givers your pet may have, such as a maid or relative.  

For which of the following reasons would consider re-homing your pet. Please check all that apply and explain your answers in the comment box after the questions.

Moving:       Divorce:     Aggressive:       Shedding:      
Not Staying in Fence:     Financial Reasons:     New Baby:     Excessive Barking:
Not Getting Along with Other Pets:

Comment Section

History of Pet Ownership:     (Medical information will be verified by your vet office)

Do you currently own dogs or cats? Yes   No
If yes, how many cats?    How many dogs?

List ALL of your current pets, including their name, breed, age and how long you have had them.

Why do you want to add a new pet?  
Are ALL your pets (or previous pets) spayed/neutered? Yes   No
Are ALL your pets (or previous pets) up to date on shots? Yes   No
Are ALL of your dogs (or previous dogs) on heartworm preventative?  Yes   No    What kind?
If your dogs are not on heartworm preventative, all of your current pets are not up to date with shots, spayed or neutered, please explain why.  

List ALL of your previous pets, including their name, what breed they were, what happened to them and at what age.
Give details.

Comments or Questions

How did you hear about GSRCA? Web Search:
Business Card/Pamphlet:
Referral:   Who referred you? 

Are you aware that if your application is approved, you will need to travel to Montgomery, AL to visit the dogs when your appointment time is scheduled? GSRCA does not transport our dogs to you. Yes    No

Do you understand that the dog will have an adjustment period for several weeks after adoption? This could involve housetraining accidents or other behaviors that are out of character for the dog. Are you willing to deal with these issues and re-train your dog? Yes    No

Yearly vet visits, shots, flea and heartworm preventative will cost you about $400 per year for the lifetime of your dog. Any other supplies, medical needs or injuries will be an additional cost. Are you capable of and agree to meet these expenses? No    Yes

I certify that the information provided on this form is true & correct. Home visits are made on a random basis following adoption. If, upon inspection, we find that information contained in this application to be false, we retain the right to remove the animal from your premises without a refund of moneys paid.

Electronic Signature * Date *

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