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Yes! This is the same dog! Sugar as she was when rescued... and Sugar's total transformation nearly complete! SEE WHAT A LITTLE TIME AND TLC CAN DO?

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Reggie, We'll Never Forget You

Reggie's foster mom was new to rescue. She had never spent much time with a Shih Tzu, preferring short haired dogs. Her thinking was that they were fluffy "foo foo" dogs bred for hairstyling. She couldn't have been more wrong. Reggie arrived with a shaggy coat almost completely covering his eyes. It attracted various damp yard debris as he would bound through the doggy door, onto the rug, often plopping in the middle of your pillow during the middle of the night. As disturbing and uncomfortable and as this may seem, Reggie's irresistible joy overcame any inconvenience. We soon had him groomed and no one was more aware of how handsome he was than he. He would proudly strut his long blonde curly tail, rivaling any rock star.

He never met a stranger, apparently assuming everyone had arrived to see him. He loved other dogs, sharing his toys freely. He delighted in playing ball, tug of war and "killing" any over-sized stuffed toy that would squeak. His eyes were his most striking feature. They were big round saucers of warm brown. He expertly fluttered his super long lashes obtaining anything mom could provide. His moods were easily readable through a nonverbal dance between his face and tail. As we spent more time together he wanted to be as close as possible. He loved cuddling in my arms wrapping his paw around my neck for a gentle hug. I called him my Teddy Bear Boy because of the joy and pure contentment he provided. His fur was softer and more soothing than silk. My arms will ache for his presence for many moons.

Reggie taught his foster mom how very, very much more a Shih Tzu is than just gorgeous hair. He was the most happy, loving dog I've ever been lucky enough to love.


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