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Muttley Crew Rescue For German Shepherds & Other Homeless CrittersMimi and the Muttley Crew

What is involved in being a foster home? 

A few good dogs...need you to foster!Most of the GSDs we rescue from shelters have not been taken care of emotionally or physically but the most common reason that they have ended up in shelters is that their people simply didn't care enough; Did not care enough to properly ensure their safety with fencing, to ensure that they had ID tags or were micro chipped in case they got lost, Did not care enough to protect them from preventable illness, Did not care enough to provide the structure and training to avoid behavioral problems, Did not care enough to simply bring them in the house, talk to them occasionally and tell them that they were loved.

These wonderful dogs need TLC. Our foster homes provide a safe place for these unloved dogs to learn what it is like to be safe, and well-fed and loved.  We at Muttley Crew Rescue is hoping to recruit qualified foster homes to help us teach these dogs that its okay to love again, to trust again....to learn to just be good canine citizens. In addition to providing the all-important TLC we also ask that our foster families help brush up the skills that make a dog more adoptable - house manners and learning to walk on a lead and taking treats gently etc... 

If you have the time and energy and the love to give a Muttley Crew Foster Dog, we need you!

Foster Home Questionnaire

Please complete this foster home questionnaire.  We will review it and get back to you as soon as possible.  Your patience is greatly appreciated.   And thank you so very much for your interest in becoming a foster home to one of our rescued German Shepherd Dogs. Foster families are the heart of our organization and we appreciate each volunteer's dedication and hard work.

A home visit will be required prior to fostering a dog for Muttley Crew Rescue. We reserve the right to deny any application at our sole discretion. Of course our only goal is that we provide what is in the dogs' best interest.

 All questions are REQUIRED to be completely answered.  If it does not apply, type N/A or Not Applicable.

If you should have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to  contact us.  

Information About You & Your Household

Name of Primary Caretaker:





Email Address:

Home Phone:

Work Phone:

Cell Phone:

Best Time To Call: 


Length of Time Living At Current Address: 

Are you over 21?  


Which of the following best describes your current residence? (Check one)
House   Apartment   Duplex   Mobile Home   Condo   Townhome

Do you rent or own?   Rent/Lease  Own

If you rent, do you have permission from the landlord to have a dog of this size?   YES  NO  NOT APPLICABLE

Landlord Contact Info (Name and Phone Number)

Please list all persons living with you or visiting often (age and relationship).  For your peace of mind, you need only list ages of children and need not include their names.  We ask about resident and visiting children because not all dogs are accustomed to children.

Is everyone in your household in agreement about fostering a dog?  YES  NO

Does anyone in the household have any animal allergies? YES  NO

Do you have an enclosed yard?  Please describe rough dimensions and fencing materials.  Is it completely fenced?  Is it very sunny or shady?

We reserve the right to inspect all homes and yards prior to approving any foster situation, or following any foster placement.
Is this okay?  YES  NO

Information to Match You With The Right Foster Dog

Please describe your previous experience with dogs.  What breeds?  Any special training or activities, etc..

Please list age, gender, and type of other animals currently in the household, even if you do not own them.
How long owned?  Kept where?  Friendly and willing to accept a newcomer?

Are the above animals current on vaccinations & heartworm preventative? YES NO

Are the above animals spayed or neutered? YES NO

What do you feed your current dogs?  Please be specific.

Have you ever fostered a pet before? YES NO

If you have fostered previously, please tell us about your experience.

Where will your foster dog be kept when nobody is at home?  Please be specific.

Where will your foster dog sleep at night?  Please be specific.

How long, on average, will your foster dog be left alone each day?  Describe your typical weekday and weekend day.

Do you have time to offer a foster dog the extra attention & love needed prior to adoption?   YES NO

Your Foster Preferences

Describe the dog you would like to foster.  Please be as creative as you wish!

Preferred age....youngest AND oldest....you would be willing to foster:

How would you establish leadership over a foster dog?

Would you foster a dog with special medical needs such as daily medication or physical therapy?  YES NO

Would you foster a GSD in need of some obedience training?  YES NO

Would you foster a GSD in need of socializing?  YES NO

Would you foster a GSD with behavior problems?  YES NO

Would you be willing to foster a dog that is not yet housebroken?  Please note a dog that is being rescued from a shelter may have no previous history known.  YES NO

Are there characteristics/problems (behavior, medical or otherwise) you would rather not tackle?

What would be your response if your foster made a mistake?

Please indicate all of the following that you are comfortable and capable of dealing with:

Active Dogs

Shy Dogs

Stand-Offish Dogs



Nail Clipping

Crate Training

House Training

Obedience Training

Giving Medications

Please indicate ALL that you are willing to foster:




Puppies (8 weeks +)

Mother w/puppies

Pregnant Females

Injured/Sick GSDs

Very Young Puppies

Abused/Neglected GSDs

Do you own a crate? YES NO

Will you be able to take your foster GSD to the veterinarian when needed? YES NO

How far are you able to drive to pick up a foster/meet with transports or meet with a prospective permanent home?

Do you have any health problems that may affect your fostering ability (i.e. can't lift heavy weights, can't walk far, etc.).

Do you understand that foster care may last days, weeks or months? YES NO

How soon will you be ready to foster a dog?   Immediately or Specify When

What type of foster care would you prefer? 
Regular/Long Term  Emergency  Short Term  No Preference - Whatever is Needed

Your Veterinarian

We will be calling your veterinarian to make sure all your pets are up to date on vaccinations and routine medical care.
Vet Name and Phone Number

Names of pets that you have had treated there?

How did you find out about Muttley Crew Rescue?  (Please be as specific as possible)

Any other comments you'd like to add for consideration of your application to foster for Muttley Crew Rescue?

Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire.  Again, Muttley Crew Rescue has only the best interest of the dogs in mind and sincerely wants to try and match your family with the right foster dog. 

Clicking the Submit Button will return you to our website.

Submission of an application does not guarantee placement of a dog.

501(c)3 non-profit status pending

P.O. Box 520, Fouke, AR 71837
Serving Texarkana and surrounding areas.

Copyright 2011 Muttley Crew RESCUE

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