When the Madison County Pet Shelter opened in July of 2002, Trey volunteered to take pictures of the shelter's pets. He wanted to help the animals find homes by putting photos of them on bulletin boards around town. His pet shelter photographs have won several awards, including "Best of Show" at the 2003 District Fair. But most importantly, they have helped make some happy matches between sheltered animals and local people looking for great pets! Trey is a 4-H club photographer and county honor member. He also enjoys chess, video games, and playing the violin, piano, and mandolin. Trey shares his home with two pet sheep, two dogs, six cats, two Cockatiels, two Quakers, four finches, tropical fish, four frogs, and one lizard.
Check DearTabby's page for poisonous plants!!!!
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Bogus the Head Cat

Hi! My name is Bogus! I am the official Madison County Pet Shelter Head Cat! Above you will find our pet list. We have pics on our Gallery page of all pets...with a bonus...you can click on any picture and get a larger view. Please take time to visit them and think of the pawsability of having a friend for life.

Madison County Pet Shelter is located in Huntsville, AR.

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