TV StarFame

Dignitary FootsieWord of Big Footsie’s achievements spread beyond ASB.  One year, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette sent a photographer to take pictures of Footsie.  His picture appeared the next day proclaiming there is “Nothing frightening about Footsie.”  Channel 4 broadcast their morning show from the ASB cafeteria.  Footsie was featured in his own special segment on the show-it was all about Big Footsie.  He had to be on the job by 5AM so he was a tired kitty later on.

In 2008, Footsie and Alex were featured in an article in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette highlighting their duties as Library Cats.  Both cats wore their Halloween bandanas and greeted the newspaper visitors at the front desk.  As an important dignitary, Footsie went to Sherwood to honor Michael Shrewsbury (a true friend of animals in need) in the Mayor’s office.  He also represented ASB at a fundraiser for LRAS, which was the shelter he came from.


His Own FloatSchool Events

Big Footsie was always an important part of the ASB Homecoming Parades.  At first Footsie walked in the parade, but then he got his own “float”.   Footsie also posed for his school picture just like the rest of faculty and just like the rest of the faculty, his picture appeared in the faculty section of the ASB yearbook.Big Man on Campus






Missing a ToeLosing a Toe

In 2007 Big Footsie developed an infection in his left front paw and it became necessary to amputate one of his toes.  The surgery was performed at a FuRR clinic.  Fortunately, Footsie had spare toes.  Recuperation was slow and he wore a special purple bandage.

Best Friends




Dr. Cole Bierbaum was Footsie’s personal veterinarian.  He performed the surgery to amputate the toe and saw him through several illnesses.  Footsie was not always the best of patients, but he knew Cole was his friend.

I'm Waiting for YouA New School Year

It was important to Big Footsie to be the Library Cat. When school was out he looked forward to day when school would be in session again and hed meet all his friends. Every August when it was time for school to start he would come in on the Sunday when all the students returned. Arriving students could look up and see him sitting in the library window waiting for them, ready for a new year of reading.

The Supervisor




Big Footsie for FuRR

Footsie knew fund raising was important to an organization to FuRR.  So he lent his supervising skills to the twice yearly yard sales that FuRR put on.  For a LRAS event at the Little Rock Zoo, Footsie was FuRR’s on-site representative.  On other occasions he would be a greeter for FuRR events.