Walkers head out over the Mill Avenue bridge for the 5K walk

Rainclouds threatened...

Steff and Mr. Poop

The Wallace-Griffee team came to walk

Hello, Oliver!


Sharon, Tank, daughter Cindy & puppy

Oliver makes a friend

Free advice!

Deb & Wayne stopped by with the kids to say hello

Her waist should be right here...

Gandalf & Cyndi

Walkers in the 5K head out across the bridge, while underneath the 1 mile walkers wait for the start

The 1 mile walk begins...

...under the Mill Avenue bridge

Sharon & daughter Cindy

5K walkers reach the far side of the bridge

Tired walkers

Cyndi & Gandalf

It was a great crowd

VIDEO OF THE PETWALK (We're about 6 minutes in)