The winner of the Devoted Companion Statue:
Roxanne Halvorson ~ Ticket # 192127
Many thanks to Roxanne for donating the statue back to SWGSR

(Either new or extended raffle info will be announced when we know)

Steff & Darlene

Steff never misses an opportunity to teach

Marcy & Jerry came out for the weekend

Karat meets a young fan

You're never too young to start learning about rescue

Oliver was quite a hit

We celebrated Karat's adoption

Jerry, Oliver and Kayai take a break

Jerry smooches on Aunt Steff

Marcy tells people about her foster furkid, Jerry


Oliver & friend

Oliver, Monte, Jerry, Cory & Tank

How could anyone resist that face?

Nicki introduces Cory to Art from Tucson

Marcy & Jerry take a break

Steff is still trying to figure out her new Smart Phone

Carl & Nicki, our Tucson crew

Cory has a captive audience

Steff demonstrates the correct way to use a Martingale collar

Jerry has found a fan

A belly rub? You bet, says Tank.

There was a great crowd

Sharon & Tank say hi to Steff

This one...

And the winner of our raffle is...

...Roxanne, who had stopped by our booth earlier on Sunday to purchase a collar for her dog, Rio!

It's a German Shepherd ...

...free for all!