Animal Kinship Ministry Adoption Event
December 4, 2011

Sally and Mike dropped by with Rocky and Kelly

Sweetie settles down to work

Darlene and Garrett

Jacqui and foster dad Kevin

Volunteer Marcy and Sweetie...don't fall in love, Marcy!

Steff and Sweetie
Excuse me, is that a lizard...on your shoulder?

Amanda and Emily brought Wednesday (formerly Lottie/Latka)

Chaka is more than happy to work for Sharon

Sweetie is watchful in case a prospective adopter comes by

Kisses for Darlene
New GSD owners stopped by for advice

Volunteer Darleen and Garrett

Volunteer Sharon and our little dynamo, Chaka

"Wolfy" stopped by to say hi to Steff

Sweetie has an admirer

Looking for love ... Chaka, Sweetie, Garrett and Jacqui