Introducing "BooBoo," a lttle girl in need of much TLC and good nutrition. Boo was headed for the euthanasia room when a kind hearted soul intervened. It hasn't been easy. Lots of vet bills and little sleep for her guardian angel Bobbi Jo.

Boo was sick, suffering from malnutrition and pretty banged up. The folks at the Humane Society think she was hit by a car or abused OR BOTH. We don't know for sure. She had lots of bruises, abrasions and swollen, tender spots. Xrays revealed that her bones are intact. She was treated prophylactically with the New Castle protocol just in case she had been exposed to distemper, but she shows no signs and that was in October.

Now it's a matter of getting her into our foster program and putting some meat on those lovely bones. Boo's age is estimated at around 2 years. She loves kids, gets along with cats & dogs and appears to be very obedient. We will be able to elaborate on her training level once she is in our care.

UPDATE NOV 24TH: Boo will be moving to her new foster home on November 28th. We will update her information shortly after she settles in with the family. She is spayed, UTD on shots and will be microchipped prior to placement.

UPDATE NOV. 30th: Boo is doing GRREAT! Big THANKS to Jennifer & Brian, Dallas and the cats for extending their hospitality to this worthy youngster. They had inquired about Boo very early on, so when we asked them to foster her, it seemed like an opportunity to do a good thing and get to know her at the same time! Our Boo Boo (so named by her rescuer because she had so many ouch spots) appears to be well trained in the basics, totally ignores the cats in favor of a squeaky toy, and cannot stop wagging her tail. She plays well with her new friend Dallas and is all about pleasing her humans. Jennifer took her right to the groomers and since then, Boo has a whole new attitude, not to mention odor! She's gaining weight and eating very well.

UPDATE 12/20: Our gal Boo stopped gaining weight after the 1st few pounds and does not seem to be absorbing food properly. She's doing beautifully in every other respect. We, in concert with her veterinarian, are making every effort to identify and resolve the problem. Testing is still ongoing.

There has been considerable interest in Boo, however, in fairness to her and her future family, we will not show her until we have a more definitive prognosis. We will continue to update her progress.

UPDATE 12/22: As we suspected, Boo has EPI (Endocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency). Please see the Merck Veterinary Manual. We will be starting Boo on Viokase as soon as it arrives. How she responds will determine her ultimate prognosis. In the event she does well, she will always be on it, in which case we will be asking for donations so that we are able to obtain a long term supply. Please watch for post holiday updates.


When Boo was originally rescued, she was dying. Those involved in her care never gave up. Boo reached a point in her recovery where she could be moved to a loving foster home to enjoy the luxury of being a true family member. In that environment, her personality began to shine through. Despite constant pain and discomfort, she appeared to be a very happy dog with a tail that never stopped wagging. And she was such a good girl, too. The energy she put out when playing with her friend Dallas defied her weakness.

But her body refused to cooperate with the plans we had for her. On Friday, January 2nd, Boo collapsed. She had cried most of the night before. She had never so much as whimpered up until then. Those of us involved in her care wept as we mentally prepared for the inevitable. On the way to the vet's, she rallied. She was up and walking and wagging. The doctor said her heart and lungs were strong, yet we could see that she hurt everywhere and had lost four pounds. Again, we would not give up. Renewed by hopefulness and armed with a new plan and a lot of blind faith, Boo returned home. Later that night, her body, once again betrayed her will...and ours. We said our final good-byes on Saturday, January 3rd.

There is no way to express our gratitiude to Brian Goedken and Jennifer Rezabek, who, while entrenched in their own wedding plans, spent countless hours cleaning up after a very sick little girl -- Cooking special meals and trying new meds and various concoctions became a way of life. Friday was the day Jennifer was to have her final fitting for her wedding gown; she was with us at the animal hospital instead.

There is not much any of us could have done about the condition(s) Boo was undoubtedly born with. What we COULD do and Jennifer & Brian DID DO, was provide this wonderful creature with a secure, safe, nurturing, home in which to spend her last months...surrounded by love, affection and genuine caring. Thanks too, to Bobbie Jo, the Good Samaritan who bailed her out of the Humane Society.

"Sleep well, sweet girl, you deserve to rest"

Boo's plight reminded us of the importance of maintaining reserve funds for medical needs. All too often in rescue, we have to make decisions based on resources. We frequently rely on credit cards resulting in personal debt. Thanks to a couple of donations, this did not directly impact Boo's outcome; however, we did lose a day or two trying to find the best source for her very expensive meds and we did hit the credit cards.

So that Boo's wonderful spirit may endure in the form of helping others, we have established the BOO BOO MEMORIAL FUND. Donations earmarked for this fund will be used exclusively for our rescues' medical emergencies and/or surgeries. A Pay Pal account has been set up for donations.

Donations made payable to SOUTHWEST GERMAN SHEPHERD RESCUE can also be mailed to:

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Southwest German Shepherd Rescue is an Arizona non-profit corporation organized for charitable purposes as defined under 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code. DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

MANY THANKS to everyone who cared.

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