Keena with forever family, the Todds, and new baby brother and best friend, Boomer

Lucy is on her way to a new and happy life with the Russell Family - "Lucy, you're home!!!"

Sugar - Looking forward to enjoying the country life with new dad, Charles, in New Mexico.

Our Lil Gretchen has a big brother and a loving dad now! Thanks Bret & Jake!

Zena's new pack, Dick, Pat, Dexter & Noc-Out are eager to share their 3+ acres with her--thanks!

Ema is carefree in Carefree with her grandparents, Jim and Suzanne. Happy life, sweet girl.

Lady (aka "Gumby")

A portrait of our Gentle Ben by Hannah, his new best friend

Ben (now renamed "Dexteronumus Blanc, Duke of Dogmalia, Devine Deliverer of Dogma" (or Dexter for short) and his new family. Thank you Ann, Jim, Hannah and Helga!!

Capt. Courage (formerly Harley), with Dee & Robert and a new sister - a very happy family!

Moey (at left) explains the rules to Abbie Bear (formerly "Sheba") while Randy and the rest of her new family look on.

Patriot (at left) was transported to Phoenix from Texas (1100+ miles!) by our rescue to find his forever home with Diane and Bob.

Our boy has come a looong way in a short time thanks to the TLC and patience provided by his wonderful family. Colt is definitely worth the effort and will never know loneliness and isolation again. Big Hugs to the St. Pierre Family!

It was love at first sight with Lisa and Niki

Chaos is recovering nicely from her recent spay surgery thanks to her 24-hour private nurse...and new Mom, Andrea. Lucky Dog!

What's the best thing for a skinny stray with poor coat condition? Why a doting Jewish Mother, of course! And look at her now...Lexi is all filled out and showing off her now glistening, plush, black & red coat. She is so happy that she literally dances with joy. Thanks Mamma Maureen!

Flanked by lotsa love in the form of Dad Ken and Mom Nicole, Baron said, "I wanna adopt these guys!"

No, Sakee is not a GSD, but we have found him his forever home...THANKS LINDA & DICK!

THE MESA FOUR - A Success Story

Apache celebrates his new forever home with the Brownell Family -- Tommy, Lucy, Steve, Steffi & Beate -- Happy Campers All!!!

Home at last with the Moreno Family!!!
Aitana, Amaya, Charles
(front) Ramesses, Athena and Shawnee


Julie & Dante - Happy Together!

Pearl & Greta...2 tough ladies--together forever

Dad Lyman and his new Gal, Anike, are now hiking and exploring together...always


Chyna and Aimee begin their new life together.

Cassie (formerly "Patty") is a happy girl with a new Dad and two little girls to play dressup with

Our sweet Heidi gets a new Mom, Betty, and a new sister, Gypsy. We will miss your gentle presence in our home.

Our Schotzie with her new family

Mr. BoJangles playing Beauty & the Beast with his favorite beauties

Kaya makes herself at home with the Moore Family - Smiles all around!!

Spyce at left with her puppies in the desert before being rescued by our rescue and adopted by Roger and Ginny. A big thanks to all for helping this special girl.

Kathy, Valadee & Zorro...One Tail Waggin Trio!

Brandy loves her new daddy and her new brother, Scooby.

Darcy waited for just the right family. Thanks to Jon & Karen for ending her search.

Stormy has changed his last name to O'Donnell. It just doesn't get any better than this! Thanks Denice, Nicholas, Elliott and Connie.

Sally with playmate Colt & her clan

These two handsome guys have managed to instill new-found confidence in each other! Steve & Casey -- full time buddies