China Doll
China Doll

[formerly "Mercury"]
[formerly "Phoenix"] (at left)

April [formerly "Lola"]
TJ [formerly "Princess"] and her babies were rescued from the Pinal County Shelter on April 18, 2003. Princess was given extra time at the shelter because she was such a sweet dog. Thank you to Kristi and Steve Mennenga for opening their hearts and their homes to give Princess and her babies a chance at life.

[formerly "Powder"]

Georgia [formerly "Mattie"] is one happy girl with her new family. Thank you Albert, Susanne & Winston Koch!

Tasha with her new forever mom, Gigi.
Suzie is a very quiet and reserved little girl -- we believe a husky mix -- who definitely has not had an over abundance of love in her short life. She only wants to please and be loved. Thanks to the wonderful volunteer pilots at "Flying Paws" for bringing Suzie to Phoenix from El Paso (Texas) for adoption into her forever home. Please visit Flying Paws for information (Volunteer Pilots Needed!!). Thanks to the Harder family for making Suzie their own.
This little girl (whom we had named "Spirit") was found wandering in Glendale, Arizona, on July 11, 2003.
"Juno" has been reunited with her family!!!!
Ginger was a stray in enjoying dual retirement with Grandpa Gil
Bear Cub is now an "All-American shepherd" - owned by U.S. Air Force pilots Matt & Shana Hanna, Bear's sister, is now home on the ranch!
Thanks to Pam & Phil

Becky's elderly owners passed away and their kids were emptying out the house. As they loaded the last of the stuff, the son came out carrying "Bucket." "Where are you taking her," the realtor asked. "To the pound to put her to sleep." "No you're not...put her in my van," said Rebecca, who happens to do Weimeraner rescue. Southwest German Shepherd Rescue was contacted (although we're hard pressed to find much in the way of German Shepherd in there.) "Bucket" stayed with Rebecca for a few months until she was introduced to Uncle Tod. Bucket is now Beckett and, well, a picture's worth a thousand words.

After years of giving, Petza can finally relax in her very own forever home. Thanks, Karla!
Jessie (formerly "Hope")

Thank you, Dawn & Sylvia!

Gunter (aka "Gunner") is home at last with his loving family and you couldn't find a more spoiled lil boy!!

Sam, happy at home with room to roam. What could be better than 6 acres and double hugs?

Thunder meets his forever family and gives new dad, Richard, his paw to say hello.
Thanks, Kookie & Richard!

Our loving Lance joins Fred and Shadow in his forever home. We'll miss your outstanding personality; have a wonderful life sweet boy.

Thank you to the Johnson Family for opening their hearts to give Cheyenne a forever home.

We usually speak about how lucky these dogs are to have found their families. In Holly's case, Frank, Linda & family are truly blessed to have found Holly, a very special fur kid indeed...lucky dogs all! WISHING THEM MANY HAPPY FUN-FILLED YEARS.

Wishing Jason, Heidi, Irwin and Bailey a long, happy and rewarding relationship!

LOOK AT BAILEY NOW...she looks 5 years younger with her new Scooby-Doo blankie and pillow...a big hit 1st Xmas present! Merry Christmas to all!