Parker hit the mother lode when he found the Bliss family; he has some learning to do, but we think he can handle it

We think it was love at first sight all the way around for George ~ we're hoping the cats will come around with time and training

It's taken Charlie over a year, but he's finally hit the jackpot with forever mom Amileah

Little Candace finds home and security with new mom Mary and furbrother Ranger

Taylor is one lucky girl to have found Brandon & Christina ... or maybe they're the lucky ones

Michael knows he has what it takes to keep up with a busy (and smart) girl like Miranda

Queen Wilhelmina (at left) has decided that Logan can be part of her paradise -- everyone else agreed

Andrew (now Samson) is the perfect fit for his new forever family
Alexis has found paradise with Scott, Kynah and furbrother Kevin
Little did we know when we paired Anthony up with Patsy for training in March, that he would end up adopting her in September!!

Former adopter, Cindy, and her daughter met Georgette (now Faith) and were immediately smitten ~ it didn't take Isaac long to come around

Iris' goal in life is to live like a princess...and Hilary is going to make sure her dreams come true

Larry is proud to introduce his new mom, Gabrielle, and sister, Grace

Cameo is ready for forever as she moves in with Alexis and John
Doomed to die in a California shelter, Blake found a way out thanks to her doggie smile and a new mom named Kandi

Caprice decided to take matters into her own hands -- she chose her forever mom, and Lindsey (and Pickles) agreed!
Do you believe in love at first sight? Shasta and her new forever family do!

Barney has a new mom & dad

It's been a very long road with a lot of speed bumps, but Echo is finally home

Denver's new family is thrilled to have found their perfect match

Things are picture perfect in Vienna's world


Thanks to the Eisens, Bogart has found forever



We knew it wouldn't take Stella long to find her forever family ~ thanks to Sean, Jennifer & Ian
This was received from our Tucson director Nicki after Garret was recently transported and placed in his furever home in Tucson. We wanted so very much to do surgery on his hips while he was very young but were never able to find a foster or suitable place in which he could recuperate and rehab. Now Garrett will see the best canine orthopedist in the state and have his very own pool with a no-step beach entry in which to do his rehab. This is a dream come true over two years in the making. Our sincere thanks to his new family, his supporters, and his long term foster Mom, Becki. We will continue to monitor his progress:

"What a happy boy!!! He was such a hit at the clinic, charmed one and all. He received his 3 year Rabies vaccine as well as a booster DHPP also 3 year. He was exhibiting fairly strong allergy symptoms so is on antihistamines. Dr. Knight absolutely cringed when she manipulated his hips, could feel and hear the degenerated joint. The Walkers have already made an appointment with Dr. Boulay to evaluate his hips and report they will do whatever is recommended for Garrett. They have placed him on Cosequin already. Garrett has a large, lovely home with a HUGE back yard that will have two very nice grass areas next month. He is such a great dog, friendly, loving and finally in a place where he will live a great life.

Steff, thank you for hanging in there and keeping Garrett with us. I realize he cost this rescue a huge amount of money that we will obviously never recoup and I since I am the one who pulled him from PACC, I feel awful. But after seeing this dog with the Walkers, I was truly brought to tears; happy tears for the first time in months. This, for me, is what rescue is all about. Garrett was slated to be euthanized the day we took him out of PACC, had to leave Camp Ginger's for his "bad" behavior, spent time in 3 separate kennel situations, spent more time in a crate or kennel than any orthopedically normal dog should. and he is the happiest, sweetest guy around. He can now can look forward to a pain free future! Spike sent me a picture today that put more happy tears in my eyes."


Charmaine is a very happy camper with a family all her own, which includes "Hutch," adopted from Southwest

Tilly (at right) wasn't sure she wanted a brother, but King has worked his way into everyone's hearts

Freddy met Sara and it was love at first sight for both of them

Maggie & the Hernandez family~Dad was bringing home the bacon

A rose among thorns? We don't think so, and neither does Julie!

When all was said and done, the Gibbs family had to take Audrey home with them -- they were smitten


Everyone is all smiles as Arabella joins the Mattiussi family

We're not sure who's happier...Carly or new dad, Stuart

It didn't take Sarah long to discover that Sam was the one for her

John & Rebecca came to adopt a girl, but fell in love with a boy instead ~ Tango (now Ghost)

Found as a stray in Mesa, Lev starts his new life in Scottsdale with the Mayer family

Juliet was rescued from the westside shelter at almost the same time as Peter -- now they are both home for good

It's been a long wait, but Peter has finally found forever with Walt & Louann

Candice gets started on happily ever after with new mom Diana ~ we wish you well sweet girl