...and Katie makes, well, four! Jerry and Kathy are now two-time adopters, having adopted Sullie from us about 10 years ago!

Kerry spotted Albert as soon as he hit our website ~ she and Chris signed up to foster and then adopted him as soon as possible ~ Merry Christmas to all!

Jett heads off to a new life as a service dog for Army veteran, Tom ~ we wish you both well, and a Merry Christmas

Meeko has joined the Army and settled in Sierra Vista with his new family at Fort Huachuca

With the addition of Marla (left), this will be the third dog that Owen and Dan have adopted from White GSD Rescue ~ Aiden is at right

Tera heads back to California with Alice & Kathleen ~ maybe she'll get to ride the cable cars in San Francisco
With such beautiful scenery in Chloe's new home, we had to have 2 photos of her adoption

Bill and Sue took Lobo on as a foster and completely fell in love -- and the best part is, Lobo doesn't mind Bill's trumpet playing at all!

Johnny is going to be a very busy boy as he joins the Long family in Vegas

Rich and Troy fell in love the minute they met Ramona -- let the spoiling begin!

After Shannon lost Osa (a Jasmine puppy), her heart lead her straight to Spirit

It took Fred a while to find the right dog, but he knew when he met Sloan that his search was over

Ariell thought Breeze was her perfect match -- and Breeze agrees!

Gypsy was dumped by her owners, but Frank and Bernadette struck gold when they found her on our website

Laverne heads off to forever with new dad, Jeff ~ she's going to be one spoiled little girl!

Elsa proves once and for all that one man's trash (a throwaway at a kill shelter) is another man's treasure (ADOPTED!)

It took a while to get Layla's "I'm Adopted!" photo, but it was worth the wait (furbrother Chance is at left)

Niles has found doggie paradise on earth with Kathy & Dallas in Prescott Valley

Cole and his mom, Langley, have welcomed Danny into their home and are having the time of their lives with the handsome furkid

Anthony & Patrick's family is complete with the addition of Yuki (at left); Rocky was adopted from us last year

Jerry & Sandy offered to foster Blaze as soon as he arrived in town ... and they never let him go!

Falcor had some big paws to fill when the Cromey family lost Jaeger (formerly "Mikey"), but we knew he was just the furkid for the job

Doggie District helps us with another one as Gregory finds his forever family

Our thanks to Jindo Rescue in California for taking on our little Katie and finding her forever home

Bryan was looking for a buddy to hike and hang out with, and he found the perfect one in Atworth

Matt found forever with Bill and his family in Maryland ~ we're hoping for a full family photo one of these days

When Laverne proved to be too much for Gail and Jeff's cat, Anna applied for, and got, the job!

Halo is going to have a wonderful time with adopter Chris (at left) and the gang at Reindl Powerboats in VEGAS, BABY!

When Art & Peggy saw Miranda on our website, they knew she was the perfect match for Buck and to fill the hole in their hearts left by Tala's passing

It was a perfect Mother's Day as Andy, Christian and Aileen added Ranger to their family

Lenny hit the jackpot when the Yoder family found him

It's a happy day in the Johnson family with the addition of Winter ~ she's going to be one busy little girl

Venus is going to be one spoiled little girl if Liz and her family have anything to say about it!

Gina and Ron volunteered to pick up Axel for us in California, and he only made it as far as their home ~ a happy ending for everyone

After fostering Lexi from the beginning, Shawneen decided to make it permanent