Sara called this little girl her "lucky penny," and little Penny has proven that to be true

Skye and her mom were surrendered to a Tucson shelter and made their way to Phoenix the same day ~ color her ADOPTED!!

It was a happy day all around when Wendy found her new moms, Roni & Lori

It didn't take senior gal Bella any time at all to find her forever family in Paradise Valley

And baby makes 3 as Simtra joins Kevin and Grace's family

The Johnsons are over the moon as they adopt their third dog from WGSDR ~ Taffy!

The third time's the charm for Bambino ~ He's going to be one busy boy!

Begonia poses for a selfie in front of the Christmas tree with her new family ~ she definitely got what she wanted for Christmas!

Brando heads off to a new life in Kingman with prior adopters Kathey and Jack and new fursister Moon (adopted from us in 2015)

People-loving Lance is overjoyed to find his forever family with 2 kids to play with as a bonus

We knew it wouldn't take a sweetheart like Rogan long to find his forever family, and it sure didn't

On a 100+ degree day in Phoenix, we placed Will into his new forever home in the pines where it was a cool 75 degrees!

It was love at first sight for Guera ("GiGi") and her new mom and furbrother
Wendy came looking for a new hiking buddy, and she definitely found one in Max

The Griffees fostered then quickly adopted Ghost, who'd come a long way from Big Lake, Texas to find his forever family

Liam's new family signed up to foster him as soon as he arrived in Phoenix from California ~ then decided to make him part of their family

When the Caywoods lost Kyle (formerly Kel-El adopted in 2007) they decided to open their hearts to Shadow

It was love at first sight for Frank and Coco with Cyrus

Ice Lily was the perfect match for Eric and Brenda ~ moving to beautiful Clarkdale was just an added bonus

Snoopy found forever very quickly after arriving in Phoenix ~ Sarah had been looking for just the right boy to love after losing Gavin

Bailey was accepted into the Soldier's Best Friend training program, making her the fifth dog White GSD Rescue has placed with a veteran thru SBF

After their unexpected loss of Aspen, Joe and Cody offered Ginger a loving home ~ and she accepted!
Congratulations to Rusty and his new mom, Kristine ~ Beau the cat is not celebrating just yet!

Angelina and Mike make it Adoption No. 3 by adding Luna to their family
Don and Jan signed on to foster Callie after she was surrendered by her owner, and after several months they decided to make it permanent ~ we couldn't be happier!

Clinton and Salinee visited Josette during her spay recovery to make sure she was a good fit ~ and she was!

Lucky Louie, now "RHYS" (Reese) Staffers Nicki & Carl drove up from Tucson to foster him and in less than 12 hours called to say, "he ain't goin anywhere!"

Jill offered to foster Alta Luna when the COVID-19 shutdown began ~ but when it came time to schedule introductions, the family had fallen in love with her

Connie (now renamed Lucy) came all the way from Nogales to find her forever family with Paul and Sarah and furbrother Dexter in Phoenix

Cassandra and Jonathan knew as soon as they met Dallas that he was the one to complete their family

After losing Matilda, Jack needed a new fursister ~ Cassie is Jeff and Lauren's fourth WGSDR rescue furkid
JoJo is one happy camper, making his forever home with the Keoghan family ~ and our thanks to the Keoghan kids for the lovely card!

After fostering Reno for several weeks, both Margaret and Lily fell in love with him and offered him a forever home

Christianna and Alex hit the jackpot when they found this little diamond-in-the-ruff (Tanaya) on our website and decided to make her part of their family ~ Tucker agreed!

Axel had his first introduction in Sweetwater Park this afternoon, and it was quickly evident we needed to look no further for his forever family

It was definitely love at first sight when Dinah met Lucy and Marshall ~ she hadn't given anyone the time of day before they showed up to meet her

We promised Pete, a USAF veteran, that we would find him the perfect dog ... and we did in Lisa ~ his wife, Ginny, agrees

Dax has been accepted by the Soldier's Best Friend program and will be going into training and paired with a veteran ~ we are beyond proud

Sarge has found his happily ever after with Matthew and Toni

Foster mom Wendy (at rear) poses proudly as she sends Bianca off to Sedona with her new family

Honey came from California and went immediately into foster with Fred and Laura in Tucson ~ where she found forever

It was a tough choice, but Brandon and Birgit ultimately chose Quinn to add to their family
Sometimes it truly takes a village ... Jeff (renamed Walker by his fosters Dave & Jackie) was brought to Arizona by his transport team, Michael and Bob. After stealing the hearts of his new fosters, Claudia and Ron, Walker (now Rocco) became a "snow bird." He will spend the winters in Arizona and the summers in cool Washington State.

Zeke (formerly Lennon) settles in to his new home with Shawn and Karen and a new baby sister

Handsome Duncan finds forever with Alaina and Anthony (and the cats)

Kate and Lucien signed up for Tally as soon as she arrived in Phoenix, and it turns out she will be the last dog that they will foster for White GSD Rescue ~ they will soon be heading for Oregon, with Tally as a full-fledged member of their family

After losing her beloved Kasey (adopted from White GSD Rescue in 2006), Jennifer was looking for another dog that needed her ~ Zelda was just the right dog

Beautiful Bella now has a mom of her own, and her mom, Maureen, has a new furbaby to love and spoil

Handsome Zack is home for Christmas with a family of his own ~ Another Christmas wish granted!

It was worth the wait for Tessa's "I'm Adopted" photo with her entire extended family

Gail committed to taking on Zulu and fell in love with him even before they met ~ now he'll have acreage to run on and a family to love ~ Christmas wish granted!

Gonna be a Military Brat, says Simon Draco as he heads off with USAF personnel Lee and James
Another veteran adopts a WGSDR dog as Miley takes up residence with Bill in Sun Lakes

Linda and Lonnie become two-time adopters as they add Paloma to their family

Carlo (now Caduceus) had a home with the Browns even before he arrived in Phoenix ~ he and Sara are now running partners
Turned in to a California kill shelter by her owner who said he no longer had a place for her, Olivia had a long road ahead of her to recover and learn to trust again ~ but Cindy saw her on our website and knew she was the one for her ~ when the 2 met, the feeling was mutual

After passing his evaluation at Soldier's Best Friend, Rocky signed on with his new veteran partner and best friend, Michael

Michael (at left) drove all the way to California to bail Micah out of a shelter and stands proudly with him and his new family ~ Dave, Kathryn and Kaiya (formerly Haley, adopted in 2016)

We thought Thumbelina was destined to be an only child until she met handsome Jaeger and his family

Hooray for Hazel! She found love in south Tucson with Eileen and Frank

Finding a family as an only dog was a challenge, but Ryker hit the jackpot with Joelyn and Leo

After the loss of Blitzen (formerly Brishen ~ adopted from our rescue in November 2010), Becca was looking for a new furbrother for Ellie and Simba was a perfect fit for the family

Fostered since March, it's good to see Keno (at left with foster parents Heather & Brian) finally adopted by Andy & Lyndsey and fursister Marnie

After fostering Chadd for several weeks, Tisha and Dusty didn't have the heart not to adopt him ~ another foster failure!