Sammie's trading her pool for snow shoes as she heads for the cool White Mountains with Dad, Al, and Sammie's taking her "Binkie" with her!

Shadow is just that...Mom Marlene's shadow!

Shamus has enough love & energy to share with the entire Tucker Family...HAVE FUN GUYS!

Ivan and new Mom Jeanna are obviously smitten with each other. Ivan even likes the horses, and the cat...What a Lover!

Astro heads for the high country with Jim and Meg. Happy trails all!

Tia couldn't ask for a more loving home. Thanks Christina, Ed and Max

Ohso is on her way to a forever life in Tucson with new mom, Sara, and older brother, Qapa

Gunner moves right in and makes himself at home with Renata and Michael.
Happy ever after guys!

Jessica (formerly "Sandy") makes herself at home as an official member of the Daniels Family.
Thanks Tina, Paul, Mom, Stella, Anabelle, Katie and Mambo!

Max and his Mom, Deone. He'll be starting his German lessons right away and will soon be a bilingual bi-color!

The Phillips are now a 16 legged family! Rocky & Gretchen say, "Thanks for keeping us together!"

Tootsie is now the official client greeter at her Mom Melissa's home office...that's great PR Melissa!

Remy starts his new life in a new home with a new Mom and Dad. Thank you, Freeman and Jackie!

Ryan and Autumn welcome little Mattie into their family. Mattie will have to share her new parents with 3 cats, which is OK with her!

Phil, Karen and Hans have brought out the best in Hank. He's gone from Mr. Mellow to Mr. Personality! This is one happy dog.

Max Zander the Great (formerly "Ska") has found 2 boys of his own to love, courtesy of the Fuhrman family.

Kori joins the ranks of "Soon to be Spoiled" thanks to Mom Sara, Ohso (one of our former rescue kids) and Qapa. Happy life little girl. Thanks to all who cared about this sweet angel.

Chaz is delighted to find not only a new mom and dad in Brenda and Stew, but a big sister, Kaya and a cat of his very own, Toby!

Sassy (formerly "Indy") says thanks to big brother, Remy, and to her new forever parents, Jackie and Freeman. Welcome home, little girl.

A far cry from the sizzling streets of Phoenix, Yusi is home at last with new pal Fred and Mom Pat

Toby's got lots of new friends & family and a stay-at-home Mom now thanks to the Pulido clan

Chance has come a long way from the Yuma Humane Society. He's now a Phoenician with a new mom, Suzan, and a sister, Sundance.

With a new mom, Cynthia, and a new big brother, Prince, Gabby is a very happy camper

Nina (formerly "Tina") has found a loving home with the Johnsons. Thank you Bryan, Susan, Ellie, Casey and Wally for opening your home and your hearts to our girl.

Sherpa's got a whole new lease on Life with his loving Mom, Beth--Pretty Duo!

Our wonderful Lilly joins new dad, Brian, and brother, Dante, on the road to her forever home.
Lilly's Story