With a new dad, Tom, and a big brother, Klaus, Tara is on her way south to her awaiting forever family

Sampson has lottsa licks for new Mom Linda. Dad Frank seems even happier. Holly is the lady hogging the camera!

With a lake AND a swimming pool in her own backyard, Isis is a very happy girl with new mom, Jen, and brother, Tweak. Now she'll have to learn how to swim!

Smiles for everyone as Annie and new Mom, Emily, settle into their new home in New River. Take care of each other you two.

Rudi (formerly Randy) has a bed of his own courtesy of his new parents, Mike and Karen.

Our Star now shines with mom Cynthia, Zack and brother, Sam. To go with her new start, a new name: "Kesha"

Our Tipper will soon forget about her siblings in favor of the love and affection of her mom, Ysette, and dad, Travis. CONGRATULATIONS!

Ron & Helen with a handful of squirming puppy! Boy, are they are in for a fun ride with Kellie and brother Sampson (formerly Ralph)!

Allie, now "Karma," going home with mom, Naomi, and dad, Dan...ENJOY!!

Shawnee has moved into the hearts of Frank and Ingrid, fosters no more!

Carson is definitely home for Christmas with Jean and Georgi

Jingles (formerly Jennie) gets acquainted with new mom, Kristie. We think it's a match made in heaven.

Bella starts a new life as a member of the Talhelm Family

All Jasper wanted for Christmas was a forever family, and he sure got one! Merry Christmas Denise, Mark and Jasper (now Jazz).

Bianca is ready for a fresh start in life with new mom, Betsy, and dad, Tom. Happy Life All!!

Beautiful Muffin (now "Marley") with mom, Tanya, and the Watson girls. Marley chose the company of kids with acres to play on!

Moxie is one lucky lady to have found such a committed and loving mom and dad. Thank you Tami & Mark

Dave and Erika provided a home for Christmas...and Yessie never left! Happy New Year!

Anke thanks Denise for being her mom and begs her to never leave her side!

Smitty (now "HANS" with Grandma, Dad & Mom) sure has come alive with his new family! Thanks to Robert, Connie & Grandma Irene.

There's no doubt that Hunter is home forever with Mike and Barbara

Smiles all around as Maverick (formerly "Mike") joins the Buck Family

Our boy Max (again) is home at last with Brice & Paige

Zeus joins the Price Family with new Mom, Janelle, and Dad, Bruce. Be happy, all.

Brett, Kristin and little Maia welcome Polar into their family. We'll miss you happy girl.

Torie (now "Asa") is going to be a busy girl as a new member of the Castle Clan. Have fun, gang!!

Zuni sticks like glue to new Mom Tamra

Beautiful Kaila and her new mom and dad. Many thanks to the Roberts family.

Thanks to Nancy & Nikki, baby Greta's new start will include school & the pool!

Timber (formerly Tony) and Jaime
Both Home at last with Momma Meg

Jonie (now "Jodi") shows off her new family in Kingman

Annie wags her tail for joy at the prospect of joining the Babos Family -- FOREVER!

Our Diamond sparkles surrounded by the love of her new family, thanks to the Tindles