Our senior citizen, Ossie, says, "Maybe life does begin at 80 after all!" Thanks to Jessica, a very special lady.

Easy to see that Trax (once again "Max") loves his new dad. Two big, handsome guys with a very bright future--Thanks, Adam!

Buddha (formerly Trooper) has turned his New Foster picture into his Forever Home picture! Congratulations, Jason, Heidi, Bailey and Irwin for giving this happy wanderer a place to rest his head -- forever.

Santee's future is happy and bright thanks to Kelly and Doug, her new parents. Have a happy life, all.

We knew this very special dog would need a very special Mom; it was just a matter of how long we could hold on. Then Gerry came to the rescue and made the lifetime commitment to Dusty that we were hoping for...what a super team they make...thanks Gerry!

Cruiser "cruised" all the way from Las Cruces, New Mexico, to find his forever family. Thanks Cindy, Brad, Chelsea, MaggieMae, Boo, Beauty and Patti.

Quinn finds her forever family with the Getsay Family -- Mom, Dad, 4 kids, a 4-legged brother (Shadow), a hamster and a snake!

Our Heroes, Nancy and Chuck, with their boy. When Mesha saw us, he ran and sat next to Chuck, making it clear that he wasn't leaving! Thanks, guys, for a happy ending.

Puck moved in faster than any other placement we can remember. Within 5 minutes she had located and used the dog door, her feeding station, her toy box and her bed...then declared, "I'm Stayin!" Thanks Jane & Ryan.
Eva insisted on waiting for just the right family, then chose the Hough family without any hesitation.

Jet's off to cooler times with his new Mom, Dad & sister. Thanks Carol, Dave & Gabby!

Sugar went from jail to paradise -- a home of her own with a loving mom, dad and brother. Thanks Dave, Laura & Zeus

Chekota couldn't have asked for a more loving family. Thanks to the Eisens for making this girl a part of their family. Be happy, all!

Gitana and Dad Don are now inseparable

We had a feeling when we placed this girl (Candy) into her foster home that she was there to stay. Thanks for everything Meagen and Jeff!!

Scout and Gene are MFEO (Made for Each Other). We wish you many happy days together.

All smiles for the Fisher's new boy, Odin. Thanks Patrick, Kathy, Daniele & Cinnamon

Haley is the Queen of her new castle, and that's just fine with her proud new parents, Tom & Martha

Voss and new mom, Laurie. Love at first sight.

Kaila has a new buddy and a 2nd chance thanks to DAD Jason. Finally, someone who can keep up with her!

Tommy joins new mom and dad, Kate and Kyle, in his new forever home. His jail days are over!

Dawn and Eugene welcome CoCo into their home with open arms.

Karlee's headin' for the hills to retire with her new family. It's now the "Karlee, Ken 'N Kip Show!!"

Daja is cool and happy as an indoor member of the Garlow family. She's already taught her new "brother" Ricky how to play ball!

With the addition of Mary (now Misty), the Thompson family is complete. Thanks, Mike and Barbara, for opening up your hearts and home to this special girl.

Lucca (formerly Thomas) won over his foster family, plopped down on the couch and refused to leave!
Many thanks to the Shindlers

Sasha goes home forever with Ken and Charlene

Angel came a long way (Alomogordo, New Mexico) to find her forever home in Chandler with Gus and Sara. Now she spends her weekends hiking in South Mountain Park.

Bobby (now Loki) moves right in and makes himself at home with April and the 3 cats

Nikki's almost ready for her new photos; already lost 6 pounds and has a waistline again! Her friends, Daisy and Barkley help! Thanks to the Wright Family.