"I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille"
Maisie, Betsy, Duke & Gene Hackman

Spirit went home today with Dad Ron and Mom Kathleen. Ron is a police officer with the Cottonwood PD and his male malinois, Vendo, is his K-9 cop working partner. Spirit will not only have an incredible hunk in the form of Vendo to call her main squeeze, but Mom Kathleen intends to make Spirit her very own companion when Vendo's off working with Dad.

We couldn't have asked for a more loving home for our Ruby than the one she found with her foster mom, Penny. Our deepest gratitude for all you have done for this girl.

Laci was transported all the way from Clovis, New Mexico and has so many people to thank for her new forever family, the Tolberts.

Sooner waited a long time for just the right family to come along and he sure found it with new Dad, Galen, and new Mom, Lucy.

Kata's wait paid off in the form of his new pal, Andrew, his running partner Mom Karen, and snuggle bug, Jessica.

Travis, Tucker, Yesette & Lita - a now complete HAPPY FAMILY!
(Remember Tipper, Dusty's pup? Now Lita with her new baby brother)

Thor rounds out the Stewart family and fits right in

Sadie's on her way to new beginnings with her very excited mom, Victoria...two pretty girls!!

Fred couldn't be prouder of the new addition to his family. Roxie has finally come home.

Traci and her little "gem," Bailey

Reena still wants to torture the cat but Dad Matt found a way to make it work!

Kellie gets a second chance thanks to Mom Diane and Dad Bob

Icey has already begun her new active lifestyle and has become rather flirtatious with her new beau Blue. Thanks Yvonne & John...Enjoy!

As her new mom said, Zoey went from Jail to paradise as a new member of the Manning Family. Thanks Sherry and Jim.

Amos & Anny are constant companions now. Amos and his devoted mom, Susan.

A new home and a new loving dad. What more could a girl ask for? Our best wishes to Marvin and Carli.

Scooby (now "Quixote") with Dad Tim and Mom Holly, Noah the Shih Tzu & Aubry
Quixote is great at washing away tears and making kids laugh!

GRADY has already started his training and is headed out for his 1st camping trip thanks to Dwayne & Tanner

Buddy is sure to be a busy boy with his new family full of boys and lottsa room to roam! Many thanks to the Shuster Family

PIMA'S off to a new start and has lottsa kisses for new Mom Theresa & Dad John

Zena is a happy girl now with a forever family of her own. Thanks to the Turley Family, including little Belle, Zena's best friend.

Logan makes himself right at home with new dad Graeme, mom Valerie and sis Spice. Be happy all!

Logan's mom, Lana, now has a forever home of her own. Thanks to the Triant Family for hanging in with us!
Tom & Martha Wilson gave us and Petey the level of commitment that we strive to see in every dog owner. They willingly traveled the occasionally bumpy road of transition with Pete, which we knew would ultimately take them to a happy ending. He needed a chance to prove his worth and that he did, thanks to the patience and understanding provided by his new parents. We, along with Pete, are forever grateful.

Zena is once again part of a happy family thanks to Jeff and Janet.

Tyler is a big marshmellow in Jay's capable hands. Thanks for taking on our special boy.

We think we have finally found a family that can keep up with Trigger's boundless energy. Thanks, Heather and Trixie!

Traci and Bailey's family is now complete with the addition of Jack (now Zach).
Happy "Bucketing" All!

Santee has a new family and a new job -- helping Arie with his physical therapy! Thanks, Carolyn and Arie.

Amilya and David welcome Ben into their home with open arms. Be happy all!

Heidi IV

Bailey III