Please be patient. We are all about the DOG, and proper placements are our ultimate goal.
They cannot be done hastily. Thank you.

"Shadow," once a shy and withdrawn girl, is now the center of attention and loving every minute of it thanks to careful placement by Southwest German Shepherd Rescue

  • All SW German Shepherd Rescue potential adoptions begin with a phone interview. This provides us with the information we need about you and your household in order to make the best possible match.
  • Call Steff between 10am and 8pm Monday through Saturday. In the event we are briefly out of the office, please leave a voice mail with the best time to return your call.
  • If you have expressed an interest in meeting one of our rescue dogs and we feel that the dog might be a good match for you and your family, we will arrange for you to meet the dog at a local park, usually in north or northwest Phoenix. All showings are by appointment. If more than one dog is to be shown, we will make every effort to make concurrent appointments for the same day. You will have ample time to spend and interact with the dog during this meeting. If you have other dogs and/or children in your family, you will be asked to bring them with you. We supervise the introduction of all other family pets (including cats, birds, reptiles & horses).

    Steff introduces one of our rescues "Maisie" to adopter Gene Hackman and his dog Duke
    Steff introduces Romeo, a white German Shepherd, to a small, mixed breed female with excellent results

  • If all goes well during the initial meeting and you would like to proceed to the next step, we will then do a home visit (we may or may not bring the dog to your home at this time). We will be checking your home for suitable and safe living conditions for the dog you are contemplating adopting. Some of the things we are looking for are: Fenced yard, security of gate closures, height of fence, escape routes, accessibility to the indoors, hazardous materials or toxic plants, etc.

  • If the home check is successful and you are approved to adopt, you will then be asked to sign a contract. You will be given a 2-week trial period--we usually like to start the trial period on a Friday or Saturday or prior to a family member having several consecutive days off from work, so that you have time to spend getting to know your new family member. The Adoption Contract will be signed and the Adoption Fee paid on the day of placement. While this is a trial period, we do not view it as an "I can always return the dog if it doesn't work out" situation. We only place dogs into homes where we feel there is a good match and an excellent likelihood that the dog will remain in that home for the rest of its life. We have the option of reclaiming the dog at any time during this 2-week period (or any time thereafter) if any of the conditions of the Adoption Contract are not being met. You also have the option of returning the dog for a REFUND of your adoption fee (less an administrative fee) during the 2-week trial period.


    Sometimes the dog adopts the person!

    Nancy does a home visit with Apache, who gets a dose of what it's going to be like to live with 2 young children. Could a dog look any happier?

    Steff teaches Bret and Gretchen that a "Kong Ball" can be a dog's (and an owner's) best friend!

  • We are available to you for the life of this dog with any questions or problems that might arise. This does NOT mean that we will be responsible for the dog's veterinary bills once the dog has been adopted.

  • The adoption fee includes spaying or neutering, all shots required to the date of adoption and a microchip identification. Upon adoption, if the dog you are adopting is in need of shots and/or microchipping, they will be provided through the Coalition of All Breed Rescue of Arizona (CABRA) microchip and vaccination clinics which are held in Phoenix on the third Saturday of every other month, starting in January.

  • Any and all information known about the dog you are adopting will be provided to you, but please understand that sometimes our knowledge is very limited. We cannot be held responsible for things we do not know or situations that may arise. We will do our best to instruct you as to what you might expect during the transition period.




Steff assures "Indy" that her days as a Pound Puppy are over