He's a papered purebred, 7 year old, coated GSD in a shelter awaiting rescue.

King was originally brought to AZ as a puppy from England by his military family. He was boarded intermittently when they traveled. When both of his parents were deployed at the same time they gave him to a family with three children ages 7, 9 and 11 and who had two Dachshunds. They kept him for around a year before they realized they had little time for such a big, active boy, so relinquished him to the shelter for the usual reason; no time, too big, too much dog for us.

We can't pull him out if we don't have a place to put him. King needs a foster home right away.

He's was vet checked, microchipped and neutered today, April 25th. He tested negative for Heartworm and had his teeth cleaned. He will be good to go right after the weekend. We contacted and spoke with his last owner, here's what they told us: King was an indoor dog, played constantly with the male Doxie, showed no interest in the female but his pouncing when playing made them concerned for the safety of their Doxies. No aggression, just a bit too large for the 4 foot 10 inch wife and the little dogs. He's housebroken, knows sit, down, shake and speak. He pulls on leash eager to meet unfamiliar dogs. He does extremely well with visiting toddlers. King was described as outgoing and friendly; a happy-go-lucky, active guy. A really nice dog in need of a new family.

UPDATE 4/28:We had a foster home lined up for King and were in the process of arranging transport for him. He was recovering nicely from his neuter and dental cleaning. He was on antibiotics as a precaution. We are all very sad to learn that King passed away early this morning. The shelter staff is devastated as well.

A necropsy is being performed at the University of Arizona to try to determine his cause of death.

Pathology results revealed that King died of an E-coli bacterial infection in his lungs.