PAKS is a small rescue group started in 2003, by a group of friends whose purpose is to make the lives of puppymill dogs have meaning other than profit for the greed of their breeders. While our main focus has been to rescue, rehabilitate and place puppymill dogs, we have been involved in numerous other rescues and placements. Since 2003 we have been able to rehab and place over 2000 dogs and other companion animals. We are all volunteers, who devote our time, money and homes to helping these less fortunate inhabitants of our earth. We have been able to successfully place many animals who would not have had the opportunity for a second chance at life. We believe in guardianship, not ownership and seek to help whenever and wherever we may. Our ultimate goal as guardians is to continue to give sanctuary and solace to the many abused puppymill dogs rescued from Southern Arizona, primarily in Cochise County. As individuals we have limited resources, but not limited passion, as most of us have been involved in rescue for more than a decade. On June 12, PAKS celebrated our fifth anniversary. We wish to thank the Southern Arizona communities for their help in slowing the homelessness situation by offering love and support to the many rescued and abandoned companion animals. Our work has really just begun. It will be a great day when we no longer have to euthanize a healthy, adoptable animal simply because there is no room at a shelter.

Come Visit Us!
PAKS does not yet have a shelter for prospective adoptive families to visit. We have only a small transitional shelter facilitated by one of our volunteers to help transition our companion animals from homelessness to becoming a part of a new family. PAKS now has five acres of land in Cochise County and had hoped to start groundbreaking on a small shelter before the end of 2008., but with the economy and scarce funding the project has had to be moved back. We are in the process of applying for grants and seeking benefactors to support the growth of our shelter program to house animals waiting for forever homes. Right now, most of our meetings are done through Sabino Canyon Pet Resort, 2001 N Sabino Canyon Rd., Tucson, Az. 85715. Sabino Canyon Pet Resort so generously donates their place of business and grooming services to help our adoptable friends start their new lives with a fresh new look. All meetings are done by appointment only as our dogs are in foster homes and must be transported to the resort. The resort does not have records or information on adoptable dogs.

Adopting a friend
Adopting a rescue animal is one of the most rewarding experiences a person can have in their lifetime. Rescue animals give unconditional love and loyalty to the person who opens their heart and home to them. All of the members of PAKS have at least one rescue animal and most have taken in several. There will always be that one sweet creature with the blind eye(due to neglect) or one who has lost all of her teeth (becauseof poor nutrition and overbreeding) that you just cannot allow to go to anybody else, because you have walked them through their recovery and have witnessed the "baby steps" as they came out of their shell and came into a world they never new existed. There is no way to describe the happiness that comes from the blossoming of the soul of a Kindred Spirit. If you are looking to become the guardian of a new forever friend, look to the many animal rescue groups to help you choose the right companion.