A.L.F. (Animal Loving Friends) Adoption Application

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A successful adoption depends on both the selection of the right pet for your household and the understanding of his/her caretaking needs. So that we may assist you with this selection, please answer the following questions as honestly and completely as possible. Thank you.

When would you like to adopt?
Immediately In a month In 3 months In a year

Why do you want a new pet?

What traits would you like most in your pet? (Check all that apply)
Easygoing Nature

What traits/behaviors would you have a hard time dealing with in your pet? (Check all that apply)
Destructive Chewing/Scratching
Jumping on Counter Tops
Nervous or Shy
Not Good with Other Pets

What is your preference for sex of the pet?
No preference Male Female

What is your preference for the age of the pet?
7+ years 2 - 6 years Under 2 years Under 6 months

Would you be interested in:
Pet with Special Medical Needs
Senior Pet

Would you be willing to adopt a bonded pair?
Yes No

If you are interested in one of the pets currently available, please specify his/her name:

Is the animal to be a gift or surprise?
Yes No

Would you declaw a cat?
Yes No

If Yes, under what circumstances?

How would you classify your home:
Calm, Fairly Quiet Moderately Active Very Active

Number of adults in household?

What are the occupations of the adults in the household?

Number of children in the household?

What are the ages and sex of children in the household?

How do other family members feel about getting a pet?

Which family member will have the major responsibility of caring for the pet:
General Care?

Would your pet be living with, or have any of these neighbors or regular visitors? (Please answer all)
Children under 10? Yes No
Dogs? None Male Female Both
Teenagers? Yes No
Cats? None Male Female Both

Are any members of the household allergic to dogs or cats?
Yes No

Is anyone home during the day?
Yes No

Is anyone home at night?
Yes No

How many hours a day would the pet normally be left alone?

Where will the pet be kept during the day?

Where will the pet be kept at night?

Where will the pet be kept when you are away from home?

Do you own or rent your home?
Own Rent

If you rent, full name and phone number of landlord

Are pets allowed in your rental?
Yes No

Type of Dwelling:

Do you currently have a "doggy" door?
Yes No

Do you presently own any other animals?
Yes No
How long have you owned them?
Dates of last vaccinations?
Are all of them Neutered/Spayed? Yes No
Are any of them Declawed? Yes No
If not neutered/spayed, why not?

What pets have you previously owned?

What happened to them?

Have you ever given up a pet before?
Yes No

If Yes, why?

Have you ever owned a rescued pet before?
Yes No

Have you ever had to euthanize (put to sleep) a pet?
Yes No

If Yes, why?

Please notify your veterinarian that A.L.F. will be contacting them and give permission for them to verify any of your current pets' medical records.

If you do not have a vet, how do you plan to provide for your pet's health care?

What will you do if medical issues arise and how much are you willing to spend to keep your pet healthy?

Do all members of your household understand that it takes time for a pet to adjust to a new environment?
Yes No

Would you be able to tolerate a few accidents in the house while your pet adjusts to your home?
Yes No

What kinds of solutions would you be willing to try if housebreaking accidents continue after the first week? (Check all that apply)
Paper Training
Crate Training
Use a pet door
Other (please explain)

Please provide 2 personal references (preferably people who own a pet)?

Years Known:

Years Known:

How did you hear about this pet/rescue group?
If Other, or referred by someone, please tell us more:

Are you willing to have a home visit prior to adoption? The home visit is not to check for housekeeping, but is meant to ensure that your home is compatible with the pet's lifestyle. We will check for indoor living and sleeping arrangements, fencing, toilet and feeding arrangements, etc.
Yes No

Thank you for answering all of our questions to insure the safety of our pets and also, thank you for adopting!