Assisting free-roaming and unwanted animals, and providing you resources to help the animals in your families and communities


Do you want to help ALF make sure the 150 or so free-roaming cats
we care for will continue to receive adequate food and care?
Perhaps you'd like to sponsor the initial costs of altering a new colony who is still out there, just waiting for our help?
Or maybe one of our Critical Needs tugged at your heart?

If you're one of the lucky ones who has not suffered financial loss, you may be thinking of how you can help others. Animal Loving Friends is primarily self-funded, which means that we pay for nearly all costs out of our own salaries, with very few donations.

Most of the animals that we help literally come from the streets, homeless or abandoned, suffering in some way. We do whatever is needed to rehabilitate each one. Treatment costs can easily reach several hundred dollars for a single animal.

Without your donations, we are unable to reach out any further, yet we see more helpless animals suffering every day, trying to find food from a dumpster, water from a drip line or leaky faucet, and shade under a creosote bush. Our hearts break for them.

Please help with whatever amount you can.

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."

Animal Loving Friends is an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) charity.
The full amount of your donation is tax-deductible, as allowed by law.

Rest assured that 100% of every dollar we receive goes directly to the animals and stays right here in our community. We have no paid staff, only a small group of volunteers, who give from their own pockets to care for these animals, without reward - except knowing that they're saving lives with every selfless act. You can reap those same rewards! Any amount you donate will help us to continue to care for the approximately 150 animals who currently depend on us for their survival.

Send a Petco Gift Certificate!

Purchase Items for ALF from Petsmart!

Petsmart Wish List
Check out our Petsmart Wish List to help the Animals of ALF.
Purchase as many items as you'd like, and they'll be shipped directly to ALF!

Donate a Kuranda Cat Bed!

Donate a Bed
Our cats love to sleep on Kuranda Cat beds, but we don't have enough for everyone.
If you would like to donate a bed at a special wholesale price for a another cat to sleep in comfort,
please donate a Kuranda cat bed.

Make a one-time donation to the ALF General Fund with the "Donate" button;
or click the "Subscribe" button, and Paypal will automate your monthly donation to ALF.
You may enter any amount (in US Dollars).
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You can sponsor an ALF cat with a monthly donation. Monthly donations add up, and over the course of just one year, even a small donation makes a big difference in the life of a homeless cat:

ALF is not unlike adoption groups who strive to place cats in the best possible home for each. We do that too, but for feral cats, that's their outdoor colony. The difference is that our responsibility for the daily care of that animal doesn't stop when it's placed in its fur-ever home. We provide food and care for the community cats for their lifetime.

Welcome SCF Arizona Employees!

SCF Arizona has approved Animal Loving Friends, Inc for corporate matching of employee donations! We hope that you'll consider making a recurring donation to help ALF reduce overpopulation of free-roaming community cats, through your Community Outreach & Charitable Giving matching donations program.

Attention BOEING Employees:

Animal Loving Friends, Inc is now eligible to receive donations through the Boeing Employees Community Fund (ECF). We hope that you'll consider making a recurring donation to help ALF reduce overpopulation of free-roaming community cats, through your ECF Designated Giving payroll program.

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We Always Need Food.
ALF cares for 15 colonies of spayed and neutered community cats. All are provided lifetime care. To keep them healthy, please sponsor a colony.

Donate once, or enter an automatic monthly tax-deductible amount.

Our food bill is large. Even $5/month will save two cats from starvation.

No donation is too small.

Orange Crush is a healthy community cat with an ear canal tumor. He needs a $1,000 surgery to relieve his discomfort and recurring infections.

Curious George the spinal-injured kitten who has permanent colon damage and needs periodic emergency room visits and regular vet care. Current bill: $1333
Read his story.

Willie the sweet FIV+ kitty who was starved for food AND affection, has peacefully crossed over the bridge. Donations will be accepted in his memory. Rest well, dear sweet Willie.

Pirate was found with a severe eye injury, requiring enucleation (the eye was removed), to save his life. His medical bill was $400. Will you help, so we can continue these life-saving rescues?

Cassidy has a badly broken, deformed leg. She's no longer painful, and thankfully does not require surgery at this time. We need $1600 for her medical costs and $25 monthly sponsorship to the sanctuary who accepted her.

Willow was likely hit by a car, and is unable to walk. We need $2600 for the medical care she received before adoption. Any amount donated to the Willow Fund will help.
Read her story.

The Rescue of 10 Kittens from the Desert cost us a small fortune,
but we're so thankful
we were able to save all of them,
and alter both feral moms and the dad.

Please help us raise $2000 to recover those costs, and continue these types of rescue.

Sponsor the spay of one female cat/kitten: $65

Sponsor the neuter of one male cat/kitten: $45

Pay for tests and vaccinations
for one cat/kitten:

Prepare one cat/kitten for adoption: $125

Sponsor a litter: $500

Spay/Neuter a typical colony: $300

Feed one colony for one month: $25

Feed all ALF colonies for one month: $300

Sponsor Curious George (or another
Special Needs animal in our care):

Animal Loving Friends is an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) charity.
The full amount of your donation is tax-deductible, as allowed by law.

Your gift could not be more appreciated!

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