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Feral Cat Prayer

By Virginia Marando
Copyright © 2010

Little Cats Lost (Trap-Neuter-Return) Society,
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Dear God,

Is there a place in your heaven for me? For people say I am just a cat.
I was born to the freedom of the streets and knew only my mother to give me comfort.
Now I am older, human eyes do not gaze on me like those when I was a kitten.
I do not understand why, but soft, warm glances switched to hard, cold stares so sharp they seem to pierce my very body. I am shunned and shooed and my only crime is to provide myself with warm shelter and food to survive. Were it not for a few kind souls during my life, I may have perished. Yet, I would have perished free and living the life I have come to cherish. The streets are my home, it is where I know, where I feel safe, where I wanted to die.

Being a cat, I have an acute sense, an ingenuity most humans would dismiss, but I fell to temptation for the morsel of food left in an effort to end my life. I now find myself trapped in a cage of wire unable to run, unable to hide. Is it right I am here because of one who could not tolerate my very being and set this death trap in which I now pray for compassion? I long for the smell of the streets and everything I know as home. My heart is beating like a million drums and desperation drives my every sense and terror fills my soul.

Dear God, is it right my life will be taken from me today, for no other reason than I am a feral cat, my life regarded by many as disposable and of no consequence? In life, I have neither hurt nor held hatred to a single body, my defenses were not of choice, but sparked by the very fear of humankind and its uncaring ways. With my last breath, I forgive those who do not see me for who I am - a vibrant, healthy animal that, through misfortune and at the hands of a human, found myself born to the streets. And when I leave this world, I pray you endow upon such humans a sense of compassion and a realization we are all God's creatures and no one life is of greater importance than another. I ask this so my death today may not be in vain.

The time has come. Dear God, is there a place in your heaven for me?

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Animal Loving Friends does not condone trap and kill. We honor the lives of feral cats by alleviating the stress of breeding and overpopulation, and supplementing their care in their own outdoor homes. It is our wish that mankind show compassion to all living creatures.

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