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Please Take Us With You

Please Take Us With You

(updated August 29, 2010)

Planning your Move

Please Take Us With You Did you know that May is National Moving Month? It's the start of the period when Americans relocate the most. If you have pets, there is simply no excuse for not including them in your family's relocation plans.

Please click to read the informative article below to learn how moving affects your pets, and get some tips for success:
Pets on the Move (The stress of moving on your pets)

There are many options for pet-friendly housing in Arizona. Most other states also allow pets. A quick Internet search produced this list:


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Military Deployment

If you are in the military and are being deployed to a trouble spot, you may find help with the following organizations:

Arizona Humane Society's Project Active Duty
Military Pets Foster Project
Tripler Army Medical Center
Operation Noble Foster

On Facebook: Foster Military Pets

On the flip side, if you or someone you know is in the military and wants to bring a pet back to the US, contact the SPCA Operation Baghdad Pups.

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If you're facing foreclosure, it's very important that you start planning for your pets immediately. With more than 60,000 cats and dogs killed in Maricopa County every year due to lack of homes, there is just no quick solution to finding your animal companions a new home, except relinquishing them to a kill shelter. There, the odds are, they WILL be killed. Additionally, there is a hefty relinquishment fee at these "open access" shelters.

Simply turning them loose or leaving them in the home or yard is not only cruel, it is illegal, and face it - if you have to leave, it's likely because you owe someone money, so there is always a trail. Please, if you must give up your pets, you must begin planning very early. Please use the following resources to do as much as you possibly can to avoid having to send your pet to an already overcrowded kill shelter:

Tips for Homeowners With Pets When Facing Home Foreclosure
Lost Our Home Pet Foundation
No Paws Left Behind (Create a "Paw Alert")

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