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I Spayed a Stray; Won't You?

(Learn about SPAY ONE STRAY)

Thanks to your efforts in controlling cat overpopulation, another 420,000 kittens will not be born homeless 1. Soon you will notice a reduction in the nuisance behaviors associated with unsterilized cats: fighting, spraying and yowling. You have made a world of difference for your community, and we appreciate YOU!

Two cats become 20 in one year.
Together, we're saving thousands!
Breeding cycle stopped for:645 cats
Births prevented in first year of sterility1:5934
7-year cumulative prevention1:135,450,000 
updated 10/14/2012

1The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) estimates that one unaltered female cat and her offspring
can produce up to 420,000 cats in just seven years!

Remember to tell a friend, and share your success story with ALF! We did!

Julie E (r)

Beverly G (r)

Danelle C

Paula K (r)

Travis B (r)

Diana C (r)

Bev T

Carol E (r)

Vicki A

Diana J (r)

Amy H (r)

Tracy S

Leslie P (r)

Stephanie W (r)

Max H

Danielle W

Dee G


Charmagne and Jabin M (r)

Lynne S (r)

Carolyn S (r)

Odette J (r)

Carole T

Kathryn S (r)

Judy O (r)

Lisa W (r)

Lynda W (r)

Kevin P

Nancy T (r)

Robin and Cheryl R (r)

Tim B

Ben P

Don P

Brenda T

Julie C

Shawn & Cherry L

Charlie V

Blake P

Reuben V

Michelle L (r)

Nan G

Jake & Joe B (r)


Cindy B

Kristine M

Tony & Jeannie F

Dawn E

Melanie N (r)

Liz C

Roberta K (r)

Mary C

Natalie A

Stacie B

Nicole & Sara

Pam H

Mike S (r)

Denette N


Laszlo K

Michele W

Kathy M

Colleen M (r)

Melissa P

(r) indicates a Repeat Offender (has participated more than once)

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