Assisting free-roaming and unwanted animals, and providing you resources to help the animals in your families and communities

Thanks to Our Many Supporters and Friends

Our Rescue Partners
Hermitage Cat Shelter Paw Placement Tucson2Tails AZ Cocker Rescue

Our Veterinarians
Dr. Andrew Marsh
Dr. Amy Jundt
Cobblestone Veterinary Care
(480) 897-1888
Dr. Karen Lyons
Desert Mobile Veterinary Services
(480) 497-6362
Dr. Jamie Schmidt
LifeCare Animal Hospital
(480) 895-7800

Some Outstanding People who have helped us to care for our
Special Needs cats when we had nowhere else to turn
Dee G Karen M Gretchen R Amy H Jill T

Our Volunteers, past and present
Lucy R Kirsten W Cheri K Lisa d
Diana M Stephanie W Nan G Tracy S
Lisa W Lynda W Beth A Jill M

Danelle C Michelle L Vanessa D Liz R

Brook M Raina K Shari C Elizabeth C

Jill T Lori S Colleen M Julie E

Patti C Beth M Stacy N Amy T

Special Thanks and Recognition to all of you who have participated in
SPAY ONE STRAY and cared for a feral cat colony

Our appreciation to Loretta Wilson and Just For You Salon & Spa
for the hugely successful blanket drive for the animals waiting in the County shelters,
and for their many donations and fundraisers for Animal Loving Friends

ALF thanks Artistik Design Studio for donating their Logo Design services! They created our new whimsical cat logo, now appearing at the top of all pages on the ALF website.

Artistik Design Studio specializes in custom web and print services, offering the latest in visual design and marketing. Their goal is to create design that stops traffic, sells your product or service, and promotes your success.

Please visit them on the web at http://www.artistikdesigns.com/, or call 480.275.4593, and be sure to thank them for their generosity to Animal Loving Friends, and animal rescue!

ALF appreciates the support and donations we received over the years from Ruff Ruff Pet Stuff.
We wish Jubie and Kama success in their future endeavors.

We're thankful to have found Sunflower Pet Supply, and for the many donations we've received from them. For all your pet's needs, consider the natural, healthy, premium foods and supplies they carry. Healthier food means fewer trips to the vet!

We urge you to shop at Sunflower Pet Supply.

Please tell them ALF sent you!

Willow treat time
We're Grateful to ebay*mom* for Selling to Benefit the Willow Fund

When she needed it most, Willow had an angel who donated a portion of her eBay profits to Willow's Recovery Fund. We wish to thank her for her caring and generous heart!

"Together we all can make a huge difference!"

We appreciate all eBay Community Sellers who have chosen to support our cause
by donating a portion of their sales to Animal Loving Friends
through the eBay Giving Works program
And many others too numerous to list

We're grateful to everyone who has donated money, goods, and services
Charlie V
Joe B
Bea A
Kizzy P
Phoenix C
Stephanie W
Melinda R
Mark & Mimi G
Forrest H
Abdullah O
Tracy & Julie W
Mary C
Kirsten W
Charlene G
Jessica E
Nikki B
Candace E
Loretta W
Mary R
Sandy B
Sandy S
Robert J
John M
Elizabeth B
Vanessa D
Melanie D
Shayne A
Ray B
Alice L
Alfred Q
Michelle L
Shana Y
Kim B
Shelley S
Max H & Josie L
Patty K
Sydney J
Noel P
Walt M
Judy O
Nancy T
Lisa W
Beth M
Donna M
Karen L
Jan P
Caron L
Amy H
Andy C
Carolyn S
Maurna W
Steph J
Odette J
Virginia W
Emily H
Barbara S
Clay J
Karen M
Richard R
Cindy S
Liz R
Grady & Johnnie L
Pamela M
Mona M
Karen C
Crystal J
Candy E
Brook M
Shari C
Nancy E
Annalisa A
Joe & Diana J
Cathy M
Kim D
Evelyn R
Carla J
Bev T
Sue H
Desa B
Craig C
Vicki A
Veronica S
Bob H
Kim C
Rob H
Boeing ARU
Margo Z
Lorrie L
Richard S
Kim O
Sheila B
Jenny A
Priscilla D
Elizabeth P
Debi P
Edward C
Carolyn S
Hannelore M
Grady & Aaron L
Pete & Patsy F
Marla B
Lenore C
Barbara T
Gillian P
Colleen M
Lori R
Duke F
Combs & Assoc
Lesley A
Debbie W
Jeff J
Eddie R
Tim B
Chris M
Alex K
Steve B
Wanda O
Susie B
Diana C
Florine A
Beth D
Eva M
Wanda M
Lynda W
Kay A
Beth A
Luigi L
Tracy S
Kathryn S
Heather H
Barbara A Robinson, Inc.
Dianne S
Bev B
Cindy C
Joan & Howard S
Jim C
Amber C
Jeannette G
Yvette W
Bert E
Tiah F
Paula M
Renee B
George & Ro E
Shawn R
Tom C
Greg C
Caron O
Dave V
Dave Z
Bob & Jackie O
Archana Yoga
Robyn B
Christina C
Janet D
Bobbie H
Buddy H
Evelyn S
Lore Anne B
Kim H
Gretchen R
Mandy D
Gina Z
Gay T
Richard S
Mary T
The Whitmans
Cubcorp SW, LLC
Ora B
Dustin K
Gary & Lola S
Tom M
Frank O
Vicki F
Robert H
New Cat Condos
Joan J
Alycia P
Alika V
Dave & Becky W
Frizz A
Sylvia M
Dee G
Chris M
Sherry B
Bob J
Barbara R
Pati V
Cinco Plastics
Tom S
Ron L
Francesca B
Kerri B
Laura C
Jubie R
Lori B
Pam K
Steven & Susan B
Pete F
Crystal A
Nancy P
Lane W
Dave T
Julie T
Steve P
Tonya & Les I
Jeff D
Elaine F
Dorothy G
Nan G
Christine W
Hoboken Integrated Family Medicine

We're very touched and honored to tell you about two special donations. Akira and Kazi's human Mom has set up a payroll deduction to make a recurring donation to ALF. Another very special friend has made donations to ALF in memory of my own beloved Lemieux who crossed over the bridge in June, 2010, and my beloved Kasper who crossed over the bridge in April, 2012. Both of these were first of a kind for ALF, and we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Mona and Lorrie.

Our thanks to SCF Arizona

SCF Arizona has approved Animal Loving Friends, Inc for corporate matching of employee donations to help reduce overpopulation of free-roaming community cats, through their Community Outreach & Charitable Giving matching donations program.

We appreciate BOEING ECF

Animal Loving Friends, Inc is now eligible to receive donations through the Boeing Employees Community Fund (ECF). We hope that you'll consider making a recurring donation to help ALF reduce overpopulation of free-roaming community cats, through your ECF Designated Giving payroll program.

Anyone can support Animal Loving Friends by placing this Link to Us on Your Website:


Assisting free-roaming and unwanted animals, and providing you resources to help the animals in your families and communities.

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There are many types of donations that enable us to continue helping homeless animals in our care.
Visit our Wish List to see how you can help.

Animal Loving Friends would like to extend our humble gratitude to Petfinder for hosting our web site and providing tools and resources to help humane organizations succeed, and for their dedication to helping homeless animals everywhere to find their special, forever homes.

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