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Volunteer Opportunities

Calling Trapper John and Trapper Jane!

We could really use some help! We're bracing ourselves for the onslaught of newly-discovered kittens, knowing we won't be able to help many of them. We believe that our best defense is offense - attacking the problem at its source - by altering free-roaming cats.

Will you help?

If you're a night-owl, this task is purrfect for you! You would set out humane traps just before dusk, then check them periodically throughout the night. Early the next morning you would pick them up. If you caught any cats, you would take them to the clinic to be spayed or neutered.

This is such an important role in preventing the needless deaths of so many young, beautiful kittens, who just have no place to go. With the recent economic conditions, and the volume of people losing their homes, many more cats have been abandoned. They are their most fertile RIGHT NOW!

If we can get them sterilized before they have babies, there would be SO much less suffering. But we're exhausted, and just cannot continue to do this by ourselves. We only have a few people who trap, and unfortunately we're seeing new arrivals at our colonies by the dozens.

Please help!

Complete the Volunteer Application today to get started making a difference!

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There are many ways to volunteer

  • trap during nighttime hours
  • feed in the evening
  • transport during daytime hours,
    including weekdays, and Sunday mornings
  • capture kittens, sick or injured cats
  • evaluate cats for adoptability
  • foster cats waiting for adoption
  • bottle-feed orphaned kittens
  • socialize young kittens
  • conduct home visits for potential adoptions
  • clean and sterilize equipment
  • man our booth at events
  • make trap covers
  • handywork, construction
  • fundraising
  • grantwriting
  • hold a bake sale
  • collect food and supplies
  • make phone calls
  • place online ads
  • write a newsletter

Take a look at the requirements below to see if you've got what it takes to be a member of our rescue team.

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Volunteer Requirements

Most of our activities require some physical strength, bending, kneeling, lifting and carrying 20+ lbs, sometimes on rough terrain.

If this sounds like you, please complete the Volunteer Application and let us know the areas that interest you.

Volunteer Application

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