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Cat Enclosures

The Dilemma: Cats love to go outside, and it's natural for them. But the world outside can be a very dangerous place where cats can be harmed intentionally, or by accident, or they can go missing and contribute to the large homeless population.

The Solution: Safe Outdoor Pet Enclosures!

Habicat 4 ALF

It's been two years in the making, and more than triple our initial estimated cost, but Habicat 4 ALF is finally complete! We thought we'd share some pictures with you, and express our appreciation to those who contributed and helped to make it happen:

Tom M
Buddy H
Juan A
Jeff D
Janet D  
Lynda W 
Nikki B
Eva M
Kim H
Laura C

Habicat4ALF The fenced enclosure was constructed first. In its first two years, it has housed 11 cats. Large pet houses inside, and shade cloth on top help to provide some protection from the elements. Greenery will take a few more years to grow and provide complete shade. To help make it tolerable, we installed a mister system. Still, the brutal Summer heat makes it uninhabitable for 3-4 months of the year.

Arizona's extreme heat makes trapping during the summer months a challenge. The outside temperature is quite harsh, but the garages are like ovens! Spare bathrooms are often occupied during the Summer, because it's also kitten season. We really needed an outside convalescing room with some ventilation. Thus, Habicat 4 ALF was born, and attached to one end of the enclosure.

Habicat4ALF Habicat4ALF

Habicat4ALF A window air conditioner provides relief during peak heat, but there are also screened windows and a pet door for a cross-breeze in the cooler months of Fall and Spring. The pet door leads directly into the enclosure, and can be opened or closed as needed.

Habicat 4 ALF is equipped with multiple shelves and perches inside.


Another example

Making use of existing walls, only the pool fencing had to be installed. 1/4" heavy-guage screen provides a barrier. Lattice and vines cover the top and provide shade. Cat Enclosure

Cat Enclosure Add some perches. Install a pet door. Build a "porch".

Happy little campers!
Cat Enclosure

Remember that "can-do" attitude we told you about Curious George? You won't believe what he set his mind to this time!

George the daredevil

Do you see him up there? This is a safe outdoor cat enclosure which George would live in if he didn't have to come inside to eat. He likes to play with those pods on the vine. He decided fresher is better, and went for the ones at the top! But close enough wasn't good enough for our King of the Jungle! No! George wanted the pods that were just out of reach. He stretched as far as he could. But then he couldn't figure out how to get back down. So Buttercup climbed up to help him. She couldn't carry him down, so she just showed him the proper way to descend a fence.

Buttercup to the rescue Cat Enclosure

In the end, his foster mom had to get a ladder and rescue the poor little guy all over again! Hard to believe this little guy has a separation of the spine and was once more than 90% paralyzed! He certainly doesn't believe it!

One more

This one is made from all chain link construction, including the gate. The larger gaps are covered with chicken wire to prevent escapes. Totally concealed behind the wall. Cat Enclosure
Cat Enclosure

Plenty of room for towers and houses. Rounded pea gravel is gentle on the feet, and easy to clean. Sunshade covers the chain link top, to keep it nice and cool.

Great for dogs, too!
Cat Enclosure

Below are links to some more of our favorite pet enclosures from the Internet

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