Our first stop was Glen Canyon Dam

Then it was on to Kanab and Best Friends in Angel Canyon

We checked in at the Welcome Center for our orientation and then took the tour of the 3,000 acre sanctuary

Bert takes in the view from the Welcome Center

And what a view it was

There were corrals and pastures for horses, pigs, sheep and goats

Bert found a friend at the FIV+ cat habitat

The Michael Vick dogs were housed close by

After the tour, we met for lunch...

... high atop the canyon

What a view!

After lunch we headed straight for Dog Town...

...where we reported to Dog Headquarters for our assignments

We decided that our weakness for seniors should take us to "Old Friends"

...where we met Matthew and Marmaduke

It was Matthew who stole our hearts

This 12 year old lab mix would not let us even touch him...

...but when we tried to walk away

...he followed

There were dogs of all sizes

Amos was a huge St. Bernard mix

We finally found a white dog!

Gavin was new to Dog Town

...and Nancy couldn't resist taking him for a walk

Angel's Rest is the sanctuary's cemetery where all the animals that have gone to Rainbow Bridge are laid to rest

The scenery was spectacular. With every turn in the road, there was a new picture to take.

The fall colors were beautiful