This poor fellow's person went to jail for a very long time and Luke was moved to the Carrollton Texas Shelter since no one else was able to care for him. He is a sweet, gentle boy who is a bit on the large side at 82 lbs, and is about 7 years old. He has not let this experience bring down his spirits though and he is ready to get on with his life as soon as he can. He does have a bit of arthritis in one of his rear legs and is taking medication for it to relieve any discomfort for him, but this does not slow him down or dampen his spirits one bit. Luke needs a good home before 6pm Tuesday July 27 or he will be euthanized at the shelter

Thanks to our friends in Texas (Allison, Helen M and the folks at the Velvet Snout), Luke was pulled from the shelter at the 11th hour and transported to the Velvet Snout in Richardson, Texas, to await transport. Thankfully, Luke was pronounced healthy and even tested NEGATIVE for heartworm.

Luke and his guardian angel, Allison

UPDATE 8/10: As luck would have it, Tucker, another resident of The Velvet Snout (a lab) is headed for Arizona this coming weekend, and Luke should be able to hitch a ride to us! We are looking for a volunteer to meet the transport in Flagstaff, but what Luke really needs is a foster or foster to adopt home to go to once he arrives. Can you help?

UPDATE 8/12: Thanks to Sara, who has stepped up to offer Luke a place to call his own upon his arrival in Phoenix on Sunday. Luke's transport is confirmed for this weekend. He will be picked up in Flagstaff by two of our staff members and then transported south to his new home with Sara in Tucson. We'll have pictures of him soon.

TRANSPORT UPDATE 8/14: Luke has made it safely to Wichita Falls and is doing well.

TRANSPORT UPDATE 8/15: Luke has landed safely in Flagstaff, Arizona and has been transported to his forever home in Tucson. Mom Sara reports that he is already playing with his new sisters and giving her kisses.


Thanks to everyone who cared about me and helped me to get to my forever home where I will be loved for the rest of my days. I will miss all of you... Love, Luke