Tinsel is currently in the Mohave Valley Animal Shelter in California. The California rescues are filled to the brim and do not have room for her, and so we were asked to help.

Tinsel is said to be about 18 months old and very sweet and friendly. According to the GSROC volunteer who went to the shelter to evaluate her, "...she was very excited to get out of the kennel. But, once we got into the visiting room she settled down pretty quick. Stephanie was handling her the whole time and she responded very well to her. Her coat looks in very nice condition. She was being treated for a bad case of KC. No apparent injuries or constant scratching or anything like that. She’s younger. She acted like a puppy, but calmer...no jumping around or anything. She just loved having her belly rubbed. ...She just seems like a great kid dog...""

Tinsel is spayed and microchipped and, thanks to the efforts of Maria and Sandy of German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County and Chuck of Husky Camp Rescue, will be heading for Phoenix on December 30th.

Tinsel is all loaded up for the trip to Phoenix

UPDATE 12/30: Tinsel has arrived! Thanks to Chuck and hubby Jon, Tinsel was delivered safely to us this afternoon and, after a long day in one vehicle after another, she is sound asleep in her new foster home in Northwest Phoenix.

Tinsel's first order of business was to meet one of our staff member's cats. While Tinsel was curious, she never tried to chase or otherwise bother the cat, and the cat never felt threatened (not one hiss out of her).

Tinsel and Belle

Since it was dark by the time we arrived back in Phoenix, we have scheduled Tinsel's photo session for tomorrow afternoon to give her a chance to settle in and catch up on her beauty sleep. She is a sweetheart for sure and would love to be your belated Christmas gift.

UPDATE 12/31: Tinsel had a very restful night. She was quite exhausted from her trip and slept the entire night without complaint; she was eager to go out for a walk in the morning and spent quite a bit of time enjoying herself rolling in the grass.

It appears Tinsel has little (make that no) leash training. It's also our guess that she's never had a collar as she constantly stops to scratch at it, so we're guessing it still feels funny to her around her neck. We're going to spend the next couple of days finding out how much she knows (sit, come, etc.), although we're not expecting too much from her as she doesn't even respond to her name, so we're guessing that her former owners didn't call her much. We're also going to introduce her to another cat to see if we get the same results.

Tinsel seems to have the remnants of kennel cough, but very minor at this time and we don't anticipate any problems in that area. Her spay incision is clean and healthy. Other than smelling like a shelter, she's in top condition. Tinsel will be seeing Sherry for a grooming as soon as possible. I'm sure she smells worse to herself than she does to us. She's sweet and loving to everyone she meets. Tinsel definitely needs some confidence building (and a new name and a bath which we're working on).

1/10: Tinsel had her first outing in the park today. She was pretty overwhelmed by all the commotion, dogs and people around her, but she was steady and greeted everyone with a wag of her tail, including a new dog being evaluated by Steff. She tried to climb into a few laps that were available, but no one seemed to mind.

UPDATE 1/27: We are sad to report that Tinsel (renamed Sugar by her adoptive family) went to Rainbow Bridge this morning, shortly after her adoption. Her adoptive mom reports that Tinsel became very short of breath and was rushed to the emergency vet where she was diagnosed with a hole in her lung. It was the vet's diagnosis that Tinsel had been kicked at some point in her life, which caused a tear in one of her lungs. The tear had "blistered" over, closing the hole but for some reason, it burst. After spending thousands at the emergency vet to find out what was wrong, the verdict was that Tinsel would require surgery (costing $12,000), with no guarantee of a full recovery. And so the decision was made to let her go.

We take comfort in the fact that Tinsel spent the last part of her life with her very own family who loved her. She probably received more love and attention in the past few weeks than she had her entire life. Our condolences go out to her adoptive mom and dad. We will miss you, Tinsel. In spite of all that you had suffered, you were a sweet and loving soul.

If you are interested in learning more about Tinsel, please Email Nancy at WhiteGSDRescue@AOL.com.