Contributing Photographers: Dorothy Fischer, David Kost, Jim Naro & Nancy Swanner

Another fantastic turnout!

Mariah keeps an eye out for any late arrivals

Pete was Master of the Grill

Are those deviled eggs for me?

Sue and Lynda...

... Dorothy and Frank, swapping dog stories

Doug & Mariah have a go at tug-o-war

Laura & Mark don't want to be left out of the fun

Carol, Sue (back to camera), Lynda & Frank

Michelle, Jim (hidden) & Jim

Lynda, Frank & Sue

Diane & Nancy are enjoying themselves

Our Leader

Carol, Josie & Wayne

Mariah wonders if she can talk Wendy out of one little hot dog...please?

The Foil Man Commeth

Traci & Jodi are having a great time!

Surprise, Wayne!


Bert, Wendy & Doug

Sue & John

Mariah is still trying to score that hotdog

Dorothy jots down a note for herself...on her slacks?

Mary "Geronimo"

Jim, Jim & Michele

Nancy, Sue, John, Bert & Diane

Wendy & Doug offer their assistance at the grill while Carol checks on the condiments

Wayne & Josie

Mariah stands guard while Mark & Laura watch

Congratulations to Bert on his Bachelor's Degree!

Cake anyone?

Bert, Wendy, Wayne, Traci, Jodi & Doug

Michele & Carol (standing), Jim, Jim & Mary

Traci, Jodi & Pete try to resist Mariah's charms

A perfect ending to a perfect day

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