NOVEMBER 17, 2012

Bert & Carly, Jim & Bandit (formerly Mohave), Diane & Kona, Deb & Miyu (formerly Snowball), Jan & Sydney, Jay & Charlie, Traci & Jack Daniels, Lauren & Matilda, Dorothy & Sid

Diane & Kona

Carly knows a hunk (Bandit) when she sees one

Bert & Sid, Katherine & Carly, Traci & Jack Daniels

Bert & Sid are ready to meet & greet

Janice & Sid

Jack Daniels turns on the charm for some prospective adopters

Osa (a Jasmine puppy) and mom Sharon stopped by

Jim & Bandit

Pretty Matilda didn't mind posing with mom Lauren for photos

Sydney meets a friend under mom Jan's supervision

Carly wants to know if Bert will let her climb on his lap just like her friend, Bandit does with his dad

Charlie & foster dad Jay

Deb & Miyu take center stage

Nancy is thrilled to see Charlie again

Jack Daniels is determined to try out every lap before the day's over

Sydney renews her friendship with Charlie

Traci & JD

Sydney with former mom Jen and new mom Jan

Miyu sports her new holiday scarf

Dad Keith with Finn (formerly Quinn) & Nelson

Volunteer transporter John (at left, who recently transported JD to us), stops by to say hi to Keith and Nancy with Nelson & Finn

Finn is happy to meet a new friend

JD finds another lap

Nelson's not so sure he wants a new friend

BJ's trying to figure out how he can make room for just one more

Katherine brings her co-worker by to meet Keith & Nelson

Suzie sneaks in for a kiss when her dad tries to give Sid some attention

Carly is happy to meet Nelson & Finn

Linda & BJ came by with Suzie (formerly Lilly)

Traci & Jack Daniels

Jen introduces Carly to an admirer

Bert and Keith with Nelson & Finn
Carly meets some new friends in the play area under Katherine's close supervision