April 25, 2009

Thanks to all of you, our first fundraiser was a HUGE success

The outdoor fireplace was the perfect spot to set up

Blind auction portrait was a stunner!

Just a few of the raffle items

Click on the portrait to email Mary about having a portrait done of your special pet(s)

Sid welcomes Janice & Davey to the festivities

Katherine was in charge of raffle tickets

Cathy showed up with Sophie & Benz in Tow

What do you mean I can't buy a raffle ticket?

That will be $5 please

The patio started to fill up quickly

Bert & Dorothy say hi to Sophie & Benz

Hey, do you know how to get outta here?


Mary & Dorothy (Garry in background)

Mariah couldn't miss this!

Jim & Dorothy with Sid

Betty & Kerry join Wendy & Doug (Rohan & Gina are making themselves
inconspicuous under the table)

Hey, that's not a German Shepherd! Someone slipped in a ringer.

Ah, this is the life!

Hello pretty girl

Sophie & Benz wow'ed the crowd

Sid makes a new friend

Art introduces Elvie & Lucius to Wendy & Rohan

Susan had a great time!

Organizers of the event, Art & Nancy

Bert & Janice

Sara, Mary & Nancy

Dorothy introduces a dog lover to Sid

Blind auction bidders

Sid tries to lend a prospective bidder a hand

Michele made a friend

Pete & Carol

Garry & Katherine

Jodi & John

Dorothy explains to Sid that he can't go home until the raffle is over

Jim & Michele

Hey, my mom's the treat lady and I can't even get ONE treat?

The winner of the Dancing Dog...Doug & Wendy!

Doug explains the joys of owning a senior dog

Rohan bellies up to the bar                          Hey, can a guy get a beer around here?

Kerry & Betty

Benz & Sophie

Traci & Bert

Is that a french fry?

Art gives a "thumbs up" for a successful evening

Susan & Dorothy

Uncle Bear's Manager Josh, helps out by drawing the winning
raffle ticket for the Ozzy Osbourne signed guitar

And the winner is...Sara, our volunteer from Tucson!!!

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