December 5, 2009

There was Arizona Basset Hound Rescue, MAYDAY pit bull rescue, Any Rat Rescue, kittie rescue, Mixed Up Mutts and more

Dorothy with Zack, Bert & Traci

Setup began early

Our booth got lots of attention

Shiloh is happy to oblige mom Dianne with a big wet one on the chin

Nancy & Bert

Volunteer Lauren introduces Wendy to a new fan

Dorothy & Wendy were the welcoming committee

Traci & Zack

Dianne with Missy & Shiloh

Some prospective adopters came out to meet Layla

Laura & Maggie dropped by to say hello

Wendy enjoyed the attention of Dorothy and Lauren

Some people who had never heard of a white German Shepherd came by for some information and an introduction

Lauren & Wendy

During a lull, Zack treated us to a demonstration of "Dog Bowl Soccer"...

... which he followed up with a rousing game of "Where the Heck is My Rock?"

Western Union
Western Union