Hosted by Doggie District AZ for the benefit of
White German Shepherd Rescue

APRIL 7, 2013

The balloons are released by Katherine, Dorothy & Taylor to signal the start of Spring Fling 2013

Steff from our partner rescue Southwest has a talk with Fergie and warns her to be on her best behavior

Patsy (at left) with volunteer Anthony and Denver with foster dad Jake are ready to meet the public

Dorothy, Traci & Anthony get Patsy fitted with her "ADOPT ME" vest

The White GSD Rescue team is ready to go

Nancy & Bert man the rescue table

Volunteer Anthony with Patsy & Denver

Denver & foster dad Jake

Anthony, Jake, Leah & Deb with Patsy, Denver & Miyu

Taylor, Tyson & Logan

Our first guests

Bella and her folks check out the raffle

Lisa gets people signed up for photographs

Photographer David Pool had a fabulous time

Katherine lends a hand as mom gives Lily a trim
WOW! Look at all the shepherds!

The Thome family

Susi helps Traci at the raffle table

Sydney & mom Jan / Mickey & Chinto

Qerc is a "chick magnet"

Fergie is ready to go home

It's Carson!!

The treat lady did not disappoint

A toenail trim for Patsy

Jan & Sydney (left) say hi to BFF Charlie and foster dad Jay

Patsy has some admirers

Volunteers Traci and Anthony with Patsy

Sara and new baby Qerc
Nancy & Sid, who shows off his Animal Planet vest

Anthony says hi to Lauren, King & Matilda

Bogart drew a lot of attention

Patsy eats up the attention

Dorothy gets Susi signed in at the welcome table

Help me!

Raffle ticket buyers came in all sizes

Candice and her mom didn't want to miss the Spring Fling

Hello, Patsy!

Ruby gets a trim

Barbara & Ruby

Traci handles the raffle ticket sales

Miyu knows there's a treat at the end of this nail trim

Candice was overjoyed to find former foster mom, Nancy, on the floor


Ruger decides not to have his nails done

This nail trim is a family affair

Qerc gets some sympathy from a friend as he gets a nail trim

Riley and her dad, Gary, stop by to talk to Bert

Mickey, Dave and the kids make new friends

Nancy had some tough customers

Chill time

It's Quinn & Nelson!

Now that's the way to travel

Mickey & Chinto with Jan & Sydney

Chinto loves Nancy!

Another nail trim

Denver wants to know if that cupcake is for him...

...or maybe this one

Vienna & Caprice don't want to be left out

Fergie makes the rounds with Steff

Miyu shows off

Nancy & Sid take a break

Vienna stopped in for a visit

Is this really necessary?

The line for nail trims

Am I next?

Thank you

Nancy & Sid make the rounds

Qerc & Carson

Nancy is thrilled to see Carson

Nancy isn't used to a dog this small!

Fergie has a fan

A huge thanks to our volunteer photographer, Diane!
Courtesy of Doggie District AZ

Nancy & Katherine

And the winner is...

We won the door prize! Let's dig in!
Raffle items

And the first winner is...

White GSD Rescue volunteer Traci!

Another happy winner

The hedgehog is happily claimed

Maui's mom is a winner

Qerc didn't care that he'd won several prizes

Patsy wants to know if her ticket is a winner...


...it wasn't

Anxiously waiting for Katherine to draw the next winning numer
Nancy is delighted to be the winner of the Milkbones,
which she gratefully passes on to a rather suspicious White GSD Rescue volunteer Dorothy
It's been a very long day for Patsy (left), Qerc and Fergie