Many dogs were being transported from the aftermath of Hurricane Ike in August, 2008, and we were asked to help with the 2 white GSDs that are among these dogs. How could we say no?

The transport route will run from Denham Springs, Lousiana, to Northern California, with dogs being met along the way by rescues who will take them into their care. We will meet the transport somewhere along I-10 in Phoenix. This is a miracle transport covering almost 2,500 miles, and we are going to play our small part.

Judy and Star were found by county officials during a drug raid. The police found them in a small pen in the back yard laying in mud, completely emaciated, with mange. Their only source of "water" was a pool of drained motor oil which they were both forced to lie in and drink from. Both dogs were barely alive when officials found them, covered in mange and motor oil (apparently the owner had been dipping them in the oil to ward off the bugs). Not far from their enclosure were 5 newly dug graves where the puppies from Judy's litter had been buried--Star was the only survivor. It took MONTHS of dedication and hard work for the Denham Springs shelter personnel to get Judy and Star to the point where they could even survive transport, and then Hurricane Ike struck. When they asked for our help, we could not say no.

Transport Route

UPDATE 9/15: We have heard from the shelter contact, and the transport is on!

UPDATE 9/17: The girls should be on their way to Phoenix soon!! We have just received confirmation from the shelter that they are hoping to get the girls on the road as early as next week. Please check back for updates.

UPDATE 9/21: We have received confirmation from the Denham Springs shelter (through Muttshack Animal Rescue Foundation) that the dogs will be leaving Louisiana on Wednesday. We will know shortly about the girls' anticipated arrival date in Phoenix.

UPDATE 9/24: The girls left the Louisiana shelter at 8 p.m. Central Standard time this evening. They're on their way!! Judy has a loving foster mom waiting for her in Phoenix, but Star does not. We need to find a place for her before the transport arrives, or she will be moving on to California with the remainder of the dogs. Please, we don't want to turn her away. Even a small donation so that we can keep her in boarding until a foster home opens up for her.

UPDATE 9/25: As of 2 o'clock this afternoon, the girls are about 2-1/2 hours east of the Texas border and are traveling well. We should be hearing from the transport once they can get a cell phone signal later on today.

UPDATE: We have just heard from the transport and the girls will be here at 1 AM this morning!!!

Mary (one of the transporters, second from left) is amazed that 4 volunteers from WGSDR showed up at 1 A.M. to meet the transport and help walk, potty and water the dogs

Davey helps Lucy unload crates (that's our Judy in the upper right crate)


Nancy takes care of the paperwork

Katherine gets a big thank you kiss from one of the transport puppies

There was plenty of unloading to do before we could get our girls out

There were dogs of every size and color, although black certainly seemed to dominate
And finally we were able to get to Judy and Star

Nancy takes Judy's leash from Lucy, another of the transporters...

...and passes it off to foster mom Dorothy

Dorothy begins to work her magic on a very frightened Judy


Almost there...


Davey checks out a very happy Star

Bill, another of the transporters

Katherine lends comfort to a very frightened traveler

Mary shares some of Judy's sad story with Dorothy

Judy thanks Mary for safe passage

Dorothy & Star

An exhausted Judy is given a lift up into our van for the ride home

Star says, "Let's go!"

Judy and Star wait with volunteer Davey for a ride to their new foster homes
A letter was sent to us along with Judy and Star from the Director of the Denham Springs Animal Shelter, and we'd like to share it with you

To the rescue accepting my "Star Baby" and "Judy Miracle."

These are babies to me and I cry as I write. Star and Judy were rescued from a home on Judy Street (that's where her name comes from). The owners went to jail on drug charges and we were called about the pets. They had happy, healthy neutered, small breeds inside the home, and Star and Judy in the back yard. FILTHY does not begin to describe the hellhole they called home. NO food, NO water. Judy was literally bones sticking out everywhere from nursing pups. They were so mangy. I wasn't sure what color they would turn out to be. There was a swimming pool of motor oil the man was using to dip them. They were drinking it. Broken glass everywhere. There was a freshly dug grave where the other 5 puppies were buried. I held Star and cried and told her one day she would be a superstar to some family, and named her on the spot. And, frankly, Judy's very breath is a miracle, so that's what I called her, "Judy Miracle." She is full of so much love. She just hugs and hugs you. This was my first ever prosecuted case of animal neglect/abuse. They are very special to us and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping them on their journey to a happy ending.