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Our wonderful network of volunteers makes Blackhat work. In the absence of a shelter, we rely on our foster families to provide homes and socialize stray or abandoned animals while we try to find them good homes. Other volunteers contribute in all kinds of ways. Maybe you have something to offer? If so email us at And welcome aboard!

Sarah Bandfield
Ganado, Ariz.
Judy Woelfel, who recently moved back east, got me semi-involved with Blackhat last fall when I moved out to Arizona. I moved to AZ with a dog I rescued in Georgia (along with two rabbits from the House Rabbit Society and a bearded dragon), and soon after the move rescued a rez dog who somehow survived distemper on his own before I found him at 3 and a half months. I rescued a cat at the high school soon after Christmas and brought her to one of the spay/neuter clinics with the plan of fostering her for a little while. But, of course, she became great friends with one of my rabbits and they are always cuddling, so I think it's time to admit that she is now a permanent addition to the home. :) The only real thing I did with the group as of this point was helping find places for a few dogs that were being fostered in my area.

Elise Bennett
Gallup, N.M.
Elise is a graphic artist who has contributed her talents to our website, calendar and other publications. She doesn't foster but has a soft spot for rez dogs. She dotes on her min-pin.

Sarah Eastin
Cortez, Colo.
I can only contribute donations currently and would like to help out with transfers to the denver area if it is ever possible.

Pam Fowles
Pinon, Ariz.
Pam is married to a schoolteacher in Pinon and has rescued several dogs and puppies, including her permanent adoptee, Murphy. Murphy, who appears to be a golden retriever mix, had a rare bone disease where his bones grew too fast for him frame. It was very painful, but Pam learned how to give him painkiller injections and nursed him through it. He finally outgrew it at age 1 1/2.

Bro. John Hotstream Klagetoh, Ariz.
Bro. John lives at St. Anne's Mission, a beautiful, isolated spot near Klagetoh. Unfortunately, it's also a spot where dogs are frequently abandoned, and John has fostered many. His two permanent adoptees are the extreme ends of the scale: Lady the Great Dane and Chico the Chihuahua. Bro. John organized a great raffle in 2008 that raised a lot of money for Blackhat. Be careful while visiting Bro. John or he will cook you a delicious, fattening Cajun meal.

Lori Mitchell
St. David, Ariz.
I have vacationed numerous times in the Navaho nation and surrounding areas and have seen first-hand that there are many animals that need help. I was glad to find that Blackhat Humane is doing what it can for these animals and I am happy to be one of your supporters.

Anita Roastingear
Crownpoint, N.M.
I've rescued seven animals in the last 10 years. Five are still living with us. I worked in boarding kennels and animail hospitals in my younger days and have worked to find dogs and cats a home wherever I make my own home.

Karen Snow
Sanders, Ariz.
I'm a supporter. I have fostered strays I find on my own in town and that is how I got involved with BlackHat.

Carrie Starr
Ganado, Ariz.
I've been fostering with Blackhat since about 8-9 yrs ago. I've probably had 50 dogs go through my hands, maybe more--many of them went on the Navajo Nation Puppy Train rather than thru Blackhat, and some went to Coconino Humane Soc.

Ruth Storer
Sanders, Ariz.
I was Blackhat treasurer for about 5 years.I have been doing the Thank You notes for seven or eight years. I also foster mostly dogs, and sometimes cats. I am the Blackhat liason with the Cedar Animal Medical Center for the Spay/Neuter Clinics. We used to do a clinic a month, but now we're slowing down (I'm 70).We need someone a little younger with less back problems. I have also accompanied Tamara and Donna in transporting animals to Flagstaff to meet our adopters. My house is in a central location and we keep adoptees overnight before the trip to Flag.I think the process of Blackhat is both organic and very 21st century as we do not have a shelter full of caged dogs and cats. It's harder to get a grant with a fluid situation like this (and no building), but we have proof that this has been stable. It's too bad the government has a 19th-century idea of what an institution is! As sure as God made little green apples, people coming down here to the rez in caregiver jobs will rescue animals in need.

Mary Vitt
Crownpoint, N.M.
Mary has found homes for many dogs and is the founder of the Crownpoint All-Mutt Dog Show.

Cindy Yurth
Chinle, Ariz.
I'm on rescue dog No. 38 and 39. My husband and I got hooked on fostering after getting a puppy that was left on our doorstep through a nearly lethal case of parvo. Our landscaping is in shambles, our house smells like pee, but we love it when we can find an abandoned animal a good home!

Please help us pay for veterinary services for our foster dogs! There is an easy to use PayPal donation button below. We are an all-volunteer group, and 98% of our funds go towards the animals.

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