Pet Adoption Information

If you're thinking about getting a pup why not think about a rescue dog. We've include some links on this page to help you find adoption information via the internet. If you looking for a specific breed... try doing a search using keywords "adopt rescue" along with the breed name, you'll almost for sure get some hits. Or try posting a message on the newsgroup rec.pets.dogs.rescue or check out one of the Rescue Bulletin Boards below.

But besides the internet there are other good sources for finding pets available for adoption, including looking in your local newspaper, contacting any local breed rescue organizations, contacting any local pet adoption foundations, checking the local animal shelters, looking on bulletin boards of pet supply stores and veterinary offices. If you're looking for a specific breed and there aren't any available ask to be put on a waiting list.

An important thing to keep mind for whatever you decide... as our friend Fred Bergendorff, of The Pet Place would say "Adoption is a lifetime commitment". So be make sure everyone in the family has agreed to getting a pet (so if you thinking of a surprise pup its bad idea, please read our page on Pets as a Gift ). And please be a responsible pet owner, spay or neuter your pet.

Just one more thing Rudy insisted be mentioned here, for those of you thinking of only adopting a female, please reconsider and follow this link to Why Not A Boy Dog?   Thanks for letting Nick & Rudy get on their soapbox.

Pet Adoption Info

buttonGetting a Dog
buttonDog Owner's Guide The gift of the pre-owned dog
buttonDog Owner's Guide Rescue Dogs
buttonTop 10 Reasons to Adopt a Rescue Dog
buttonThe Virtues of Older Dogs

Pet Adoption Contacts

buttonSchnauzer Rescue Message Board
buttonSchnauzer Rescue Contacts
buttonPetShelter Network (can do searches on breeds)
buttonAcme Pet Rescue & Adoption Bulletin Board
buttonrec.pets.dogs.rescue (newsgroup)
buttonCanine Connections Rescue Dog Listing (BBS)
buttonPlanet Pet Rescue Message Board (BBS)
buttonPetfinders Page (New Jersey)
button Noah's Bark (South Bay So. Calif.)
buttonAll Breed Rescue
buttonBreed Rescue Network

spayneuter support

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