Help Shut Down Puppy Mills

Please excuse Nick and Rudy as they have to get on their soap box for a bit. Please do not buy pets from petstores.... these puppies are acquired through puppy mills. Purchasing from them only helps promote the puppy mill businesses. Most of the time these puppies are far from a bargain as many times buyers will encountered huge veterinary bills. Puppy mills are mass producers of puppies that bred with no regard to health issues. Dogs are interbred in unsanitary conditions, puppies are taken away from the mother too early and many die while being transported, female dogs are bred as often as they come in heat and bred until they are physically not able to be bred any longer. Please read more about puppy mill inhumanities in our links below.

And if you think you are "rescuing" that pup from the pet store please rethink this stradegy. You see puppy mills are businesses its pure and simple economics, supply and demand. For every pup bought in a petstore there will be another one to replace it that much sooner, pups are inventory just a store commodity this is a business. Inventory gets restocked. But if inventory doesn't sell, then the items are no longer sold. There is no way to save all the pets in the petstores by purchasing them all. And even though it may be your furthest intent when buying one of these ailing pups, it does indeed help puppy mills in their existence. Puppy mills will exist as long as it is economically feasible to do so as most of the time there is nothing illegal about what they are doing, however immoral or inhumane it may be.

Recently another form of "Electonic" petstores have started popping up on the internet. Their websites claim themselves as "Pet Brokers". Be very leary of any internet pet sales, especially those selling multiple breeds this could be an indicatation that is a business fronting puppy mill pups. Clearly no reputable breeder ever would sell to a "pet broker" any more than they would sell to a pet store. Steer clear of both pet stores and pet brokers. Again we caution you about any internet pet sales, as the internet makes for a very "buyer beware" type of environment. Do not buy puppies blindly over the internet!!

We suggest as an alternative to adopt a homeless pet instead, but if you are going to get a purebred puppy, please make sure you do you homework and purchase through a responsible breeder.

Also to show your intolerance of the puppy mill industry, you should boycott shopping at pet stores that sell puppies or kittens . Instead buy your pet supplies from petstores that promote pet adoptions. Spread the word to your friends to boycott these stores too. And if you are really motivated you could even write a letter to the store that sells the pups/kittens explaining why you don't patronize their store. Puppy mills and pet brokers will continue to exist as long as there is a market for it. It is up to the conscientious pet owners to help shut them down.

Note:  If your dog came from a pet store please do not be offended by this page, it is not meant to attack you or your dog. We are sure you love your dog as much as if he/she had come for the finest line of champanions and we certainly hope your pet is healthy. You can also rest assure that you are not alone, many people think of the pet store as the first place to get a dog and that is exactly why this page was written. We want to help educate the public on where pet store pets come from and hopefully deter people from buying the next dog from a pet store. After reading this we hope you too will boycott future patronizing of these pet stores.

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