Screening the Placement of Your Dog

When you go to place your dog you want to make sure you are finding the best possible home, do not settle just for anyone who is interested in your dog. Below is a link to a standard form to help you with grading the prospective recipients as well as some additional topics that should be discussed with prospective recipients to help ensure your dog goes to a happy, stable and permentant home as he/she deserves.

bulletUse a Standard Screening form to assist you in grading the recipient.
bulletDiscuss any special reqirements of the dog being placed should be discussed, behavorial or medical needs. i.e. are they not good with children or other dogs/cats etc.
bulletAsk if you can get a reference from their regular vet if they currently have pets or have had them recently. Follow by calling the vet and find out his accessment if the animals are properly cared for.
bulletDiscuss why they want a dog and why they selected schnauzer as a breed to adopt.
bulletDiscuss whether or not the entire family is ready and willing to accept responsiblity of the new dog. (a dog can impact vacations and weekend get aways etc).
bulletDiscuss who will be primary care giver for the dog in the family.
bulletDiscuss the live span of a schnauzer being 12-15 years. Ensure they understand the long term commitment.
bulletDiscuss the financial impact of owning a dog. The average cost of caring for a dog runs approximately $40-50 per month. Ensure their finanical ability to care for the dog.
bulletDiscuss special grooming requirements for schnauzers.
bulletDiscuss if the dog is going to be an indoor dog and where the dog will sleep (mini's should be indoor dogs only)
bulletIf the dog is untrained or has behaviorial problems, discuss training issues, i.e. will they have the time or knowledge to train, can they go to obedience classes?
bulletAsk if anyone in the family has allergies to dogs.
bulletAsk questions related to current or previously owned pets.
bulletMake provisions for if the rescue does not work out and ensure the dog is returned to you.
bulletBe sure and follow up after placement of your dog to ensure things are going well.

And remember your pet should be neutered or spayed BEFORE placement, there are many reasons to neuter/spay but besides the standard reasons in rescue it is important to ensure your dog does not go into the hands of some unsavory breeders.

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