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Click  here  for  a  list  of 

WBNR Companion Animals

Available  for  Adoption.








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Click  here  for  a  list  of 

WBNR Companion Animals

Available  for  Adoption.






























KOCO (Norwegian - Elkhound, 4 y.o., neutered male) and KODA (Shepherd-Chow, 5 y.o., spayed female) need to be placed together. Their owners are moving to a situation where is no yard. The situation is URGENT...several rehoming possibilities have fallen through recently. We are looking for their Furever Home or for a Foster Home.
They are best friends and are accustomed to a yard to play in and access to indoors so they can be with their people. Please contact Wee Bar None Ranch at 760-961-1859 
(email: companion.animals@gmail.com)


























Wee Bar None Ranch is an organization staffed by  volunteers dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, fostering and placement of homeless animals.


Most of the animals  currently available for adoption are dogs,  but we also  work  with  cats,  horses,

burros,  goats,  and other  barnyard  animals.


We   are   seeking   loving,  lifetime homes  for  the  creatures   in  our   care.  All  of  dogs  and  cats  we  adopt  out  are  spayed or neutered,   and  their vaccinations  are current.












Please  keep  in  mind,  every  day  we 

learn  of  companion  animals  needing  forever  homes.   Immediate rehoming

is  often  the  only  answer.   We  need

time  and  the  financial  resources  to

bring  them  to  the  stage  where  they

are  ready  to  go  to  forever  homes.



Many  of  our  pets  come  from  animal  shelters where  they  were scheduled  to  die  because  

the shelter  simply  ran  out  of  room…

the reason:








In  an  effort  to  find  just  the  right companion  animal  for a prospective adopter, our  adoption  process includes

    an Adoption   Application

    a  Home  Check  and

    an Adoption  Contract  and  Fee.


The usual adoption fee is $125, which goes into our fund at High Desert Community Foundation and is used to pay vet bills and offset other expenses. In

an effort to expedite adoptions of the animals whose status is urgent, their adoption fees are negotiable.


We most often only adopt to homes in southern California.    We introduce qualified prospective adopters to the pet at its foster home here  in

the Apple Valley area.


After we receive your Application for Adoption form, an appointment will be made for you to visit the animal(s) in which you are interested.


Apple Valley, CA is located in the high desert, east of Victorville.   Detailed directions will be given at the time the appointment is made. 



Our Adoption Application is  easily  filled

out  and  submitted  online.




Wee Bar None Ranch does not have a shelter building.

Our companion animals available for adoption are currently maintained in foster homes and thus not all in one location.


We receive information daily about animals in dire        straits.  Many are in jeopardy of being taken to crowded  shelters where they might be euthanized after 4 days if not adopted.  Others are in danger of being abandoned.    Currently,  our WBNR  foster  homes  are  full...


What  is  needed  is  safe haven  in foster homes 

for  these  homeless  animals.


We   have  a  foster   home  program where  we  provide  the  food,    and  the  foster  provides  love,  security  and  stability  for  these  creatures in  transition  to  permanent homes.  Please

contact  us  for  additional  information!














Wee  Bar  None  Ranch  is   at  the

Victorville, CA      PETCO

on Bear Valley Rd. at Hesperia Rd. 

on  Saturdays  from 11 am  until  3 pm


Wee Bar None Ranch appreciates PETCO STORE  #1510  for its friendly hospitality 

and generous support.  

And our heartfelt  thanks  also  go  to  the

PETCO FOUNDATION for  its on going

recognition  of our  efforts  to  help 

homeless  animals  through  the  years.         



              Come  to  Petco, 

        where  the  pets  go!








The beautiful animals below need to be

rehomed into loving forever homes as soon

as possible.

Homer is a neutered Plott Hound.

Fluff & Blanca - spayed Turkish Angora cats.

Koco & Koda - altered Shepherd-mix and

Norwegian Elkhound.





              HOMER & friends   






                 KODA & KOCO

            status:           URGENT!









Click  here  for  a  list  of 

WBNR Companion Animals

Available  for  Adoption.









CODY went missing from his owner's home

several days before he was to be moved to

his new adoptive family. He is still lost as of

October 2,  2013.  He got out through an

open gate - in the vicinity of the 395 & Bear

Valley Road. He's neutered, weighs 6 #, and

is 7 years old.  He was wearing a red collar

with tag reading "Cody". The phone number

is no longer valid. Please contact Wee Bar

None Ranch with any information.





















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Companion Animals Adoption List




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is  an  Affiliate  Fund  of  the

High  Desert  Community  Foundation

~~~donations are tax deductible~~~

If you would like to make a contribution,

please make your check payable to HDCF

and on the memo line write WBNR.


Mail your contribution to:


P.O. Box 2908
Apple Valley, CA   92307




OR,         click below to donate on line to

Wee Bar None Ranch Companion Animal

Rescue,  Rehabilitation,  and  Placement




~~~thank  you!~~~












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