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Sisters Animal Sanctuary (SAS) from Elk Grove mobilized a rescue which they have called the Regency Park Cats Project. Julie Lindsey and Kathy Monahan of SAS heard about the demolition of the Regency Park Mobile Homes on February 16 that would leave the 100-plus stray cats living at the Park without homes or care and in serious danger. They put our an urgent call for volunteers and assistance and, as of February 27, they have trapped and given medical care to 131 cats. The cats are being tested for Feline Leukemia and AIDS, spayed and neutered and placed up for adoption with local rescue organizations. To date, vet costs have run $10,000 and growing. SAS are looking for additional help in the form of foster homes, permanent homes and funds for veterinary expenses. Please look at www.regencyparkcats.org to follow the rescue effort and find out more on how you can help.

Feline Lifeline assisted with the rescue operation and has taken in 11 cats, many of which are now ready for adoption. You can find these cats, along with our other great cats, on our Pet List or come and meet them at our Petco adoptions on Sundays from 12:30-6:00 (Marketplace Mall at Covell and Sycamore, Davis).

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Feline Lifeline is a private rescue for cats and kittens, working primarily in Yolo County to find homes for needy felines. We aspire to quality rescue and placement.

With over fifteen years experience in feline rescue, we work with shelter personnel and local veterinarians to identify cats in need and get them ready for their new homes. With a particular love for the Oriental breeds, Feline Lifeline handles cats of all breeds, mostly "moggies", better known as mixed-breed cats. We rely on a dedicated network of volunteer foster homes who care for their charges until an adoptive home is found. We are staffed entirely by volunteers, and rely on private funding and donations to support our rescues..

Please note -- Feline Lifeline is a small cog in the "rescue wheel". Most of our work is done in Yolo County, which is in northern California. Like all volunteer rescue organizations, we work on a space-available basis. This means that at any given time, all foster spaces are filled. We are able to take new foster animals only when currently-fostered animals find homes. Adult cats in our care may find a new home immediately, or may take months to find a match. .

If you are trying to find a home for a pet or a stray you have found, PLEASE don't wait until the last minute to look for help. Start by contacting your local rescue agencies long before the date the animal must have a home. Networking and giving the rescue volunteers time to find space will give each pet a chance at a new home. Think about acting as a temporary foster home for your rescued stray -- everybody benefits !

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Feline Lifeline relies on a dedicated network of volunteer foster homes who care for their foster cats until an adoptive home is found. We are staffed entirely by volunteers, and rely on private funding and donations to support our rescue. Our foster homes are currently full, and we are looking for additional foster homes in Davis or surrounding areas.

If you are not in a position to adopt a new pet, fostering can give you an opportunity for a rewarding short-term commitment. Foster cats generally come to us from desperate circumstances, and by taking an animal into your care, you have very likely saved its life.

Foster caregiver provides:

Feline Lifeline provides: Please contact us for more information or fill out a foster care application (Word document) and email to gdsmith01@earthlink.net.

Early spaying and neutering has been practiced across the US for over 20 years. Young animals recover from surgery more quickly and no detrimental effects are associated with this early surgery. Like many rescue organizations, all adoptees of Feline Lifeline are spayed or neutered before going to their new home.

Cats have a very specific breeding season which is tied to day length. Most kittens will be born between March and August, and millions of kittens arrive in shelters across the country during the summer months. Spaying female cats before they continue the breeding cycle helps alleviate overcrowding in shelters, reduces euthanasia deaths, and will guarantee fewer homeless cats.

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Adoptions held on Sundays 12:30 - 6:00 at the Davis Petco (Marketplace Mall at Covell and Sycamore), Davis, California.

Remember: Adoption days are staffed entirely by volunteers and the schedule cannot be guaranteed. Please confirm our availability by telephone or e-mail, or telephone the Petco store for confirmation. Thanks !

Feline Lifeline
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Email: gdsmith01@earthlink.net
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