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Lending a Paw to Disabled Pets

~ About our Frederal Express Memorial Fund ~

Our little dog, Fred, passed away suddenly on August 20, 2006. He was the heart and soul behind all our work here at The Peaceful Kingdom Alliance 4 Animals, and words can never describe how very much we love and miss him.  

Fred had severe arthritis for several years, and it was very difficult for him to find his way to his special places by himself, such as his favorite chair and the foot of our bed, where he always slept each night. After seeing Doggy Steps on a TV commercial, we purchased two sets of them for him ... one for the couch, and one for the bed ... and he loved them so much!  Once again, he was able to go where ever he wanted without having to wait for assistance. He was so happy to have his independence back!

In searching for a way to bring honor to his memory, we have created our new Frederal Express Memorial Fund.  We hope in some small way to be able to help other disabled pets by offering a set of Doggy Steps to low income families free of charge.  Fred would be so happy to help other disabled pets because he always had such a sweet and unselfish heart. With a joyful spirit, he shared his heart ... and his home ... with all our rescues, and always welcomed each and every one into our family.

At this time, we have only a limited number of doggy steps available, so we will award the steps to those families whose pets have the greatest need for them, with special consideration being given to both the pet's physical condition and the financial hardship which purchasing the steps would place upon the pet's family.

~ About Doggy Steps ~

Doggy Steps are just the right height to help smaller and older dogs step up where they want to go - up to couches and beds. It's also great for pets to step up into cars or trucks. It's lightweight and portable so it goes anywhere and no more bending over to help your pet up ... so there's less stress on your back too!

Doggy Steps is essential for pets with hip dysplasia, arthritis, or for older pets who have a hard time getting around ... Doggy Steps gives your pet freedom from the floor - and more COMPANIONSHIP than ever before!

Dimension of Each Unit: 12H X 3D X 18L
Content of Each Unit: 3 step-Plastic with washable Polypropylene Fleece Cover
Sturdy and Rugged: Holds Pets up to 70 Pounds

If you would like to apply for a free set of Doggy Steps for your disabled pet, please take a moment to fill out our online application.

Once we receive your application, we will contact you for additional information if your application meets our guidelines.

~ What We Will Need ~

Once we receive your application, we will ask that you fax or email us a copy of either your SSI/AFDC/SSA Award Letter, or a copy of your most recent pay stub.  Please be sure to use a black marker to cross out any Social Security numbers or other sensitive information that may be on your form before sending it to us.

We will also ask that you email us a recent photo of your pet so that we can place it here on Fred's page as one of his Doggy Steps Recipients.

If  you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for your interest in our Frederal Express Memorial Fund!

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

~ Donations ~

If you would like to make a donation to Freddie's Frederal Express Memorial Fund so that we can purchase even more Doggy Steps for disabled pets and their families, please click on the donation button below.

Your contribution to our Frederal Express Memorial Fund is greatly appreciated and is 100% tax deductible!

Number of Doggy Steps Available in our Frederal Express Memorial Fund to Date:

Thank you so much for your friendship and support!

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