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Mutts & Moms is a non-profit organization that rescues dogs from Los Angeles and Kern County shelters. This rescue was started by animal lovers and volunteers with local animal shelters, who saw all the beautiful animals that are euthanized daily and wanted to do something! Mutts & Moms rescues mixed breed dogs (mutts) and Moms with the occasional litter, taking them out of the shelters and into foster homes and boarding kennels, where they are groomed, cared for, and then adopted into loving homes.

Adoptions - Sundays 11am-3pm in Pasadena, California. To request a specific dog be there and for location, please email pawboutique@yahoo.com. Applications submitted that day will be reviewed during the week. You may also request to meet one of our dogs by appointment, once you have followed the steps in How To Adopt and your application has been approved. (Adopters must live within 25 miles of Pasadena, CA.)

Our dogs for adoption:

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It's a tragedy when a Mom dog with a litter is euthanized because a shelter can not keep the family until the puppies are weaned. The other sad scenario is when a Mom's litter is adopted and the Mom gets left behind to be euthanized. Adopters almost never step forward and take the Mom since she is still lactating and her sacks of milk are unattractive to them. Mutts & Moms rescues the Mom, waits a few weeks for her milk to dry up, spays her and then she is good as new. It has always been an outrage to Mutts & Moms that a nice dog could go through pregnancy, giving birth, caring for her puppies and then be killed. This is why Mutts & Moms was formed.

News - Please visit use these links to learn about us, photos of happy adoptions in their new homes as well as our Happy Tails (adopted dogs) list on Petfinder, before & after photos of rescued dogs, thank you's, how to make a donation, and how to contact us.

Adopting a dog - potential adopters must live within 25 miles of Pasadena, CA. Please visit How To Adopt and follow all the steps listed, to understand our screening process. Upon approval of your application, an appointment will be set up for you and the dog to meet. We require a home visit, adoption contract, and a donation of $250. These funds go back into saving and caring for more dogs - we are a 501c3 nonprofit organization. All dogs and puppies are spayed/neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.

Thank you for your interest in adopting a homeless dog!

Mutts and Moms
Pasadena, CA 91105
Email: pawboutique@yahoo.com
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