Happy Tales

Happy stories from Mutts & Moms adoptions.

Farley - This is the Nolan family. Lisa Marie (renamed Farley) is the black dog. Lisa Marie was rescued after becoming sick with kennel cough. She had been reserved for the Petsmart "rescue waggin" program and was kept in the shelter for several weeks while waiting to be picked up by Petsmart. Many people wanted to adopt her but were told that they couldn't because she was "rescued". Once she got sick, as any puppy would being held in a shelter for weeks, Petsmart bumped her out of the program. Now she was ill and was going to be destroyed. Mutts & Moms came to her rescue and she was adopted by the Nolan family who were looking for an addition to their 2 human, 1 dog household. She is healthy and very happy now. Thank you to the Nolan family for giving her a loving home.

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